Interested which products are scoring highly in the eyes of retailers in the industry in September? Each month, mobility retail leaders in the sector discuss which products have stood out for them this month and why…

darren macey lifestyle and mobiityLifestyle & Mobility’s pick of the month

Permobil F5 VS from Permobil

Darren Macey, Business Development Manager for Lifestyle & Mobility

“When the competition talks about specialist products, you normally hear them talk about tilt in space, pressure seating, high low lifters. To be honest, so did we. Well, that all changed a few years ago when we were introduced to the ultimate specialist product on the market… the Permobil chairs.

“Our view of a specialist product all changed when General Manager Gordon Cunningham of Permobil UK decided to handpick a few elite dealers to partner up with.

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F5 Corpus VS woman hotel reception

“They have recently launched the new version of Permobil F5 VS and it comes with gesture lights, a beautifully designed base, active reach technology and smart actuators which allows the end-user to have multiple seating memory functions, transforming their position by one push of a button.

“Users can go from a sitting position to a full standing position in seconds and with the new Corpus seating and StretchAir fabric, they can do that in absolute comfort. This is why Lifestyle and Mobility has chosen the Permobil F5 VS to be its product of the month.”

James Gargan beechfield healthcareBeechfield Healthcare’s pick of the month

Handicare 1100 stairlift from Handicare

James Gargan, Commercial Director of Beechfield Healthcare

“Leveraging over 130 years of experience, Handicare has produced a new stairlift which steals the title as the slimmest straight stairlift on the market.

“The Handicare 1100 is strong yet super slim, meaning it obscures less of your stairs as the compact rail can be placed so close to the wall. The Handicare 1100 also features folding footrests, armrests and a folding seat which saves even more space when the stairlift is not in use.

Handicare 1100 stairlift

“The narrow design has a toothless rack that requires no oil or grease so it can be wiped clean safely. The seat will swivel at the top landing, making sure you can get on and off the stairlift easily and safely and it comes with standard safety sensors that will stop the stairlift in case of obstruction.

“One of the best attributes of the Handicare 1100 is that it can be very simply upgraded in the future should the users’ needs change. This essentially makes the stairlift the only future proof stairlift on the market, allowing it to adapt to your users’ needs as they change.

“With all of the above combined, the Handicare 1100 is the perfect stairlift to fit even the narrowest of staircases, all coming with the reliability for which Handicare has become synonymous.”

Karen Sheppard headshot new 2019 people first mobilityPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Adjustable Bath Seat from Roma Medical

Karen Sheppard, Managing Director of People First Mobility

“Available from a few suppliers, with this version being from Roma Medical (product code 4245), the adjustable bath seat is a useful aid for someone who needs help to get into the bath a little easier.

“It is chrome-plated steel construction with a moulded clip-on seat and the width can be adjusted by four small thumbscrews to fit most bath sizes.

roma bath mat

“It is suspended in the bath and it can be used by just stepping into the bath using any available rail for assistance, then using your arms and legs for support to lower yourself down onto the bath seat to sit and wash.

“Ideal also for using a shower above the bath, the bath boards that go over the bath cause water to run off the sides and onto the floor, whereas, with this one being suspended into the bath, it means the water can run into the bath.

“Able to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipe, it is a useful addition to the showroom.”

alastair gibbs TPG DisabledAids HeadshotTPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Mobility scooter carrier from TriLift

Alastair Gibbs, Managing Director of TPG DisableAids

“For this month’s pick of the month, I have chosen the innovative scooter lift from TriLift.

“On many occasions, we assess clients for a suitable scooter or power chair that will suit their stated needs and their physical dimensions, only to find that they will often go for a smaller, lighter product so that they can load it in the car.


“This is not only against our advice on the product but is also very frustrating when you know they will be disappointed in the performance of the scooter and, ultimately, end up having to purchase again to have the correct mobility device.

“For this reason, we now offer the Trilift as a solution to transporting the appropriately sized scooter.

“It has the added benefit that it does not take up space within the luggage area in the car and therefore allows shopping trips to be completed and no lifting of any part of the scooter is required.”

Ceri Ableworld MarketingAbleworld’s pick of the month

Picture Dial Telephone from Able2

Ceri Dixon, Marketing Manager of Ableworld 

“Our product of the month is the Picture Dial Telephone. This is a great product which is proving to be a great help to our customers. Our aim is to help people remain independent for longer and products like this are ideal. It allows customers to stay in touch with friends and family easily.

“The telephone has six buttons which can be programmed with a telephone number and a picture so customers simply click on the picture of the person they want to call – no numbers to type or remember, just quick and simple.

Picture dial telephone Able2

“It features large, easy to read number buttons, should the user need to dial a number, and also allows 10 telephone numbers to be saved as speed dial options. Also, it features an adjustable, very loud ring of 90dB and an adjustable receiver volume to 40dB.

“Additionally, the telephone also has a flashing light for incoming calls and is hearing aid compatible.

“We understand many customers may feel isolated especially coming into the winter months and this product is fantastic for helping them stay in touch with their loved ones.”

Elaine Ferguson Fortuna mobility TNFortuna Mobility’s pick of the month

Portable Smart Rising Seat from SitnStand

Elaine Ferguson, Mobility Services Manager of Fortuna Mobility

“For those that need a bit of help standing up, the SitnStand is perfect – a clever product that has been developed to help the user maintain their independence and remove the worry of trying to get to their feet unaided.

“This portable smart rising seat is suitable for any style of chair, armchair or sofa, and works via a convenient handset that gently inflates the seat pad, easing the user into an upright position when they wish to stand.

SitnStand standing chair aid

“There are four levels of inflation which ensure that the process from sitting to standing is smooth and achieved without the need to stretch or jerk the body. And sitting back down again is just as easy – simply lean against the inflated seat and press the handset to be lowered back into a sitting position.

“Our customers like this product not just for its efficiency, but also because – unlike conventional seats – it’s portable, lightweight (just 3kg), and can be neatly folded and packed away in the easy to carry zip-up case. So, whether they’re visiting a friend, taking a holiday, or just going out for a meal, they can take their SitnStand with them and enjoy greater freedom!”

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