Wondering which products grabbed leading mobility retailers’ attention in October? Discover the products retailers in the mobility industry highlighted as being exceptional and why…

Elaine Ferguson Fortuna mobility TNFortuna Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Armon Zero Gravity Dynamic Arm Support

Elaine Ferguson, Mobility Services Manager of Fortuna Mobility

“At Fortuna, we’re constantly searching for innovative products from around the world to make sure our customers have the best options. Therefore, we were delighted to recently add Armon Zero Gravity Dynamic Arm Supports to our range.

Armon Man Eating

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“A dynamic arm support is an assistive technology product which helps people with limited arm and shoulder function to move their arms and hands freely, and, therefore, makes it easier to conduct daily activities. The benefits are often life-changing. While in the workplace, Armon can be used to promote comfort plus facilitate prolonged arm activity for professionals including surgeons and dentists.

“These arm supports have a unique mechanism that compensates the weight of the user’s arm making it feel weightless. However, unlike a normal armrest, the Armon will dynamically ‘follow’ the position of the arm through space, providing full support in any position.

“Generally, the less strength the user has, the more advanced the arm support should be. Our range consists of four different supports – each has a different level of functionality, while all of them can be mounted on a floor stand, office chair, work chair (such as The Bambach Saddle Seat), manual or electric wheelchair.

“We’re very pleased to work with Armon, providing demonstrations and assessments, along with installation and maintenance of these life-enhancing products.”


Karen Sheppard headshot new 2019 people first mobilityPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Bridgit Crutch Holder from Able2

Karen Sheppard, Managing Director of People First Mobility

“A lovely, clever little gadget that I have found this month is the Bridgit. I ordered one to try and was amazed at how it actually did what it says.

“When users require their hands for another activity, holding a stick or crutches can be a difficult task. The Bridgit crutch and walking stick holder joins two crutches or sticks together in a stable ‘X’ shape that can be rested against any convenient surface and is much safer than leaving them on the floor.

crutch holder able2

“This means your customers’ sticks won’t fall on the ground, which prevents you from having to bend down and pick them up.

“It lets users hook single sticks over the back of a chair or on a tabletop which can help prevent trips and falls and is suitable for sticks 19-22mm in diameter.”


alastair gibbs TPG DisabledAids HeadshotTPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Pick of the month: Azalea Tilt In Space Wheelchair from Invacare

Alastair Gibbs, Managing Director of TPG DisableAids

“We often find that a person in need of a wheelchair will have a set of criteria that they wish to fulfil and often at the top of that list is comfort.

“You can achieve a certain amount of comfort with a folding standard wheelchair but its limitations are obvious due to its positioning constraints.

Invacare Rea Azelea

“For long-term comfort and functionality, you need to move up to a tilt in space adjustable chair that can accommodate many different size users and have multiple sizes and angle adjustments to achieve total comfort for longer periods of time.

“Whilst there are several on the market, and we do stock a selection, our lead in product is the Invacare Azalea as it has both an affordable price and the heritage of one of the biggest wheelchair suppliers in the UK. It is therefore attractive to a range of customers from private individuals to Nursing Homes and to NHS establishments.”


Ceri Ableworld MarketingAbleworld’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Jazzy Turn Zero from Pride

Ceri Dixon, Marketing Manager of Ableworld

“We often get customers asking for a boot scooter with great manoeuvrability and suspension and the Jazzy Zero Turn ticks all of the boxes.

“This stylish four-wheel scooter has the turning radius of a three-wheel scooter, at only 38 inches, making it ideal for small or tight spaces, without compromising stability.

Pride Jazzy

“The Jazzy ZT also features bright LED lighting, dual motors and CTS suspension, making this a great looking, comfortable and practical scooter. It also includes under-seat storage, a front basket and USB charger built into the tiller, all as standard.

“The Jazzy Zero Turn is a comfortable scooter designed for pavement use and can travel at up to 4mph. Having an incredible turning radius means this scooter is perfect for around the home or for taking apart and popping it into the car for a day out. Driving around a shopping centre, town centre or supermarket and negotiating small spaces has never been so simple on a mobility scooter.

“This scooter is one of our favourites because of all the added touches and benefits it gives to our customers. As always our scooters come with free six months insurance and free highway code.”


darren_macey lifestyle and mobilityLifestyle & Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: SMOOV One power assist from Invacare

Darren Macey, Business Development Manager for Lifestyle & Mobility

“Whilst walking around Naidex, we kept a keen lookout to see what customers were buzzing about at the show. There was one stand in particular that had a swarm of people around it.

“It was like watching bees trying to protect their Queen! After breaking through the crowd to try and see what all this buzz was about…… Pete Hubbard, Invacare UK Mobility & Rehab Sales Manager, was stood there giving demonstration after demonstration of a revolutionary product called the SMOOV One.

Smoov One Invacare

“It is a power add-on product which is pretty much compatible with most ridged & folding wheelchairs. Its easy bracket system enables the end-user to clip it on and off in seconds, even whilst situated in the chair. The SMOOV is also very lightweight and so very easy to transport.

“German-built and engineered, the power assist is packed full of features and comes with a downloadable app where you can change things like speed, check the battery, as well as change the performance and driving modes.

“The most remarkable thing however that is built into the app has to be the navigation feature. The function enables start-and-end-point navigation with primarily wheelchair-accessible route guidance, voice output and offline map coverage.

“You can tell that this product has been built around the needs of end-user as it is such an easy-to-use product and user-friendly. This is truly the latest and greatest technology and that’s why its Lifestyle and Mobility’s pick of the month!”


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