Interested to know which products impressed leading mobility retailers in November? Find out which products dealers in the mobility industry chose as being stand-out and why…

Elaine Ferguson Fortuna mobility TNFortuna Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Happylegs

Elaine Ferguson, Mobility Services Manager of Fortuna Mobility

“Many of our customers have mobility and health problems, so one product I recommend is Happylegs – a seated walking machine that allows the user to enjoy the benefits of walking from the comfort of their chair.

“When seated for many hours each day, there’s an increased risk of swollen feet and ankles, vascular ulcers, joint and muscular problems, plus numerous other conditions. But Happylegs can help with these by improving circulation and increasing movement.

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“There are three-speed settings which move legs backwards and forwards whilst remaining seated – improving circulation and stimulating muscles. As little as 30 minutes a day can make all the difference, and regular use has shown that the machine helps eliminate leg and ankle swelling and strengthen the legs overall.

Happylegs 3 Models

“Sufferers of restless legs syndrome and chronic fatigue have also reported improvement, while additionally, the product works to reinforce the cardiac function even in those with a pacemaker. The majority of people who have purchased Happylegs simply love it and tell me they never want to be without one because it’s helped them so much.

“Many of our products are about assisting people, but what I really like about Happylegs is that it’s a passive exercise machine that can make a huge difference to overall health, wellbeing and foot health – all while the user is watching TV!”

Karen Sheppard headshot new 2019 people first mobilityPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Multi-Pill Dispenser from Aidapt

Karen Sheppard, Managing Director of People First Mobility

“I love this pill dispenser as it has so many features. It has the seven days of the week with each day a different colour and is ideal for those who are visually impaired, helping them to differentiate between each day.

“For each day, there are four separate compartments, labelled up as morning, noon, evening and bedtime in text and Braille.

pill dispenser Aidapt

“Each of the compartments also lifts out separately from the rest and can be replaced as required, which is perfect if the day needs to be taken out and kept separate, such as for a day out. This also means that the colours for the days of the week can be changed around if it makes it easier for the user.

“It is great for people who take a large number of tablets through the day and the lids are easy to flip as well.

“It really does seem to tick so many boxes and has been a really good seller this year.”

alastair gibbs TPG DisabledAids HeadshotTPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Pick of the month: Mera Care Wash / Dry Toilet from Geberit

Alastair Gibbs, Managing Director of TPG DisableAids

“Not strictly a showroom product, the TPG Pick of the Month for this month is the new Mera Care Wash / Dry Toilet from Geberit.

“Being one of the very basic requirements of daily living, it is extremely important to overall health and wellbeing that any individual can carry out bathroom functions with dignity and privacy. This basic function is taken for granted by those that have no mobility problems but can weigh heavily on those that need a little assistance.

Mera Care Geberit

“The new Mera Care toilet can be height adjusted and programmed to give back that dignity and promote independence. It can be installed comfortably within one day and will transform the lives of those in need.

“As a solutions provider, it plays a part in offering to solve toileting problems that are equally as important as getting up the stairs and moving around the house safely.”

Ceri Ableworld MarketingAbleworld’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Height Adjustable Walker from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Ceri Dixon, Marketing Manager of Ableworld

“Autumn has arrived and many of our customers are looking for extra help in remaining independent coming into the colder weather.

“This Drive Height Adjustable Walker is lightweight, strong, stylish and practical making it an ideal choice for our customers. Packed full of features this walker is suitable for a wide range of our customers. Unlike many other walkers, this product allows the user to adjust the seat height as well as the handle height so it’s perfect for our customers as they can adjust it to their own requirements.

“A perfect solution to going out for winter walks with friends and family, due to the excellent manoeuvrability. Convenient for Christmas shopping around town with a basket for shopping and a padded seat and backrest, allowing customers to take a break. Also, it is compact, foldable and lightweight to easily store at home.

“The Drive Height Adjustable Walker is an ideal mobility aid for added support enabling people to still get out and about to enjoy the fresh air safely during the colder months.”

darren_macey lifestyle and mobilityLifestyle & Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Empulse R20 from Sunrise Medical

Darren Macey, Business Development Manager for Lifestyle & Mobility

“I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now. I’ve seen so many products that have been re-developed and made better. One product that hasn’t had any innovation is the powerpack. It’s a product that has been copied by various suppliers and has been sold massively throughout the UK.

“It’s the wheelchair add-on that helps someone push a person in a wheelchair with ease. So did this product need re-developing? Isn’t it already a functional product?

“Well, Sunrise Medical has shown us all that it did need innovating and it’s not as functional as we all first thought. For starters, the total weight of the Empulse R20 is less than the typical powerpack battery and also comes with a lithium battery.

Sunrise Medical Empulse R20

“Then you would naturally think how is this going to possibly be enough traction on the wheel and motor that drives this thing. Well, that’s what we thought!

“Sunrise has cleverly designed a bracket system that uses physics to push all the downforce through a V shape bracket, which then transfers through the wheel. Therefore, it doesn’t need a heavy battery to stop the wheels from slipping.

“There is also another really important benefit of this system. It allows the operator to walk freely behind it as there is much more room for their feet when they take a stride.

“This is also the first power pack that can be folded while situated on a wheelchair. This is a huge benefit to our customers as they now don’t have to bend down and struggle to try and remove the powerpack from the wheelchair while trying to pop it in and out of the car.

“At Lifestyle and Mobility, we are continually looking for products that can impact our customers lives in a positive way. The Empulse R20 just does that and that why is our pick of the month.”

James Gargan beechfield healthcareBeechfield Healthcare’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Atlas Dynamic Mattress from Drive DeVilbiss

James Gargan, Commercial Director of Beechfield Healthcare

“Drive DeVilbiss has introduced a dual therapy mattress system for the acute & community settings to the market. The Atlas Dynamic Mattress offers both alternating and low air pressure care for patients at high risk of pressure ulcers. The constant low pressure presents increased comfort by distributing the pressure evenly across the surface. While the alternating cells help to offload pressure and increase blood flow to the damaged area making this new mattress also suitable for all stages of pressure ulcers.

“With reliable cell-on-cell construction and anti-slip platform pads, the Atlas dynamic mattress was designed with comfort in mind. A high frequency welded Dartex cover that is multi-stretch, vapour permeable and waterproof has a CPR tag that can be pulled to deflate the mattress rapidly, allowing CPR to be carried out safely, if needed. A leading product for both hospitals and nursing homes, it has a static head section and also a static mode available on the controls.

Drive DeVilbiss Atlas

“The diligent mattress has a constant low-pressure option that distributes the patient’s weight evenly through the cells improving their comfort in the course of 10-minute cycles. With the increased comfort and a quiet pump, it also means the mattress is the perfect tool for pressure ulcer prevention for the most vulnerable patients.

“It comes with many safety features including fault indicators, audio fault alarms, platform securing straps and cable management. The detailed mattress has a maximum height of 20cm, a width of 88.5cm and a length of 202cm it can support the patient’s weight up to 31 stone.

“All of these unique factors, put the Atlas at the top of the market when it comes to a pressure care mattress that has both alternating and CLP care for patients who may be in an acute or community setting, putting them at ease while offering maximum support for all users.”

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