Kickstarting a new year and a new decade, six leading mobility retailers from across the UK share which products they believe to be best-in-class this January. Ranging from simple aids for daily living to high-end mobility scooters, discover which products in the market are grabbing dealers’ attentions and why…

Ceri Ableworld MarketingAbleworld’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: The Hydrant from Hydrate for Health

Ceri Dixon, Marketing Manager of Ableworld

“Our first product of the new year is the Hydrant. This product is designed to help prevent dehydration. It’s great for people with restricted movement as it solves the problem of reaching, lifting and holding drinks.

“The bottle features a flexi-grip handle which can be attached to a bed, wheelchair, bag – users can hang it or hook it anywhere nearby.

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Hydrant from Hydrate for Health

“It features a clip to allow the straw to be clipped to an item of clothing, in order to keep it close. You then use the long straw to remain hydrated, hands-free. The mouthpiece contains a bite valve to ensure the user controls the flow of fluid and ensures there aren’t any spillages.

“The clearly measured 1-litre bottle gives carers the ability to monitor fluid intake and to help prevent dehydration.

“We like this product as it is a great example of allowing people to remain independent. It allows people to stay hydrated and drink whenever they want to, without the need to call for help.”

darren_macey lifestyle and mobilityLifestyle & Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Breeze S4 from TGA Mobility

Darren Macey, Business Development Manager for Lifestyle & Mobility

“Over the last 30 years, the TGA Breeze has always been the ultimate mobility scooter on the market for comfort, style & ride quality. It’s also been crowned as one of the most popular mobility scooters on the Motability Scheme.

“Just over a month ago, TGA introduced its latest and upgraded model, the Breeze S4.

TGA Breeze S4 scooter

“WOW, we are so impressed! They have sharpened up the lines on the bodywork and added a front lockable box, which has really modernised the front end.

“The best thing about the new Breeze is you can go a lot further, with our customers now able to choose to upgrade the batteries to 100amp which is great for those customers that use the TGA breeze as a replacement car.

“All these changes haven’t changed the breeze’s legendary comfortable ride as well and let’s not forget the TGA Breeze still comes with an endless accessories range, such as solid canopy and sides, twist grip and foot pedal operation.”

Elaine Ferguson Fortuna mobility TNFortuna Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Fortuna Specialist Orthopaedic Supports Range: Activity Gloves

Elaine Ferguson, Mobility Services Manager of Fortuna Mobility

“Our centre has a wide range of products but some of the smallest can make a huge difference when it comes to giving comfort and pain relief.

“The Fortuna Activity Gloves do both of the above, and are very popular with our customers to use in their day to day lives – especially if they suffer from joint pain and swelling from arthritis, cold hands from circulation problems, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They are made from a blend of high-quality cotton and spandex, which provides both warmth and mild compression.

Fortuna Mobility Activity Gloves

“I particularly love the black non-slip silicone dots which enhance gripping of objects and look great! Meanwhile, the open finger design leaves fingertips free for everyday activities like using a phone, holding a pen, or picking up tiny delicate objects. They also extend up the wrist to help keep joints in that area warm.

“The gloves are available in three sizes, so it’s easy for our customers to find the best fit, and they can be washed in warm water and left to dry. We’re continually receiving positive feedback. They’re cheap, convenient to use, and even our staff wear them around the building and when they are out and about delivering mobility equipment!”

Karen Sheppard headshot new 2019 people first mobilityPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: Gel Ball Exercisers from Able2

Karen Sheppard, Managing Director of People First Mobility

“As we start the year 2020 after the Christmas period when people are being less active, along with the cold weather making symptoms such as arthritis worse, these are a good range of rehabilitation products could be beneficial on the shop floor.

“The Gel Ball Exercisers are a resistance training aid for strengthening, conditioning, and rehabilitating hands, fingers, and forearm muscles. These training balls are soft to touch and return back to their original shape after being squeezed and manipulated. Perfect for personal or professional use, use at home, clinics, rehabs, physical and occupational therapy offices, and on the road.

Able2 gel ball 2

“Customers can choose a set of five balls with different resistance levels in order to visually witness their strength increasing as they move to the next resistance level. The set of five is excellent for professional use and multi-constructed of TPR material, a non-stick formula can be wiped clean when necessary whilst being comfortable to grip.

“This design is excellent for patients of all ages and fits comfortably within the palm of most users’ hands. These are available from a few different suppliers, Able2 and Performance health being just two of them.”

alastair gibbs TPG DisabledAids HeadshotTPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Pick of the month: Ferrule from Sunrise Medical

Alastair Gibbs, Managing Director of TPG DisableAids

“For this month I am picking a strategic low-value item and putting it in the context of a marketing product. This is not unique or original – we have been doing it for years.

“We give away, free of charge, rubber walking stick ferrules.

“The goodwill factor that it generates is immense. Our customers feel special and they know they have had a bargain because they did not pay a penny.

Ferrule Coopers Sunrise

“Now consider how much we all pay in advertising to generate a new lead. It is, without doubt, a significant amount of money, and it is often done with no certainty that leads are even going to materialise. We might think little of spending £100 to £200 on a display advert in the local press. That same amount of money would buy over 500 ferrules.

“For each one given away you gain a customer ambassador who will tell everyone they meet what marvellous chaps you are, and certainly the place to visit for all their mobility requirements.

“The only stipulation we make is that the customers must come to the showroom to get the ferrules and we will fit them whilst they browse the products. It ensures the correct size is fitted and gives you the opportunity to explain that as a caring company we are keen to ensure the stick or crutch is safe for them to use, especially as pavements are often wet at this time of year.”

Style Mobility Scott SmithStyle Mobility’s pick of the month

Pick of the month: WHILL Model C from TGA Mobility

Scott Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager for Style Mobility

“This month’s choice for Product of the Month is the TGA Whill Model C! The future of transportable power chairs is here! Not only is it simple to dismantle and re-assemble, but it is also one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. Powered wheelchair users generally spend much more time in their seats than the average scooter user so comfort and reliability are essential in the decision-making of customers – the Whill Model C offers both in abundance.

TGA WHILL C white back

“The front wheels are the unique onmi-wheel system that allows for a very tight turning radius. The technology that comes equipped as standard on this fantastic machine is definitely market-leading, my favourite feature being that the chair can be remotely controlled using an iPhone, meaning that the user can bring the chair to them if needed or an attendant, friend or family can control the chair if required.

“The choice of 6 colours gives the customer the chance to really make it their own and look stylish at the same time as being comfortable and knowing that they are in good hands on their chair!”

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