What products are retailers in the industry raving about?

Wondering which products are grabbing retailers’ attention? Each month, retailers in the mobility industry highlight one product that has stood out for them and why…

Karen People First Mobility headhsotPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Wooden lap tray with cushion

Managing Director Karen Sheppard

People First Mobility lap table

“A wonderful idea for the showroom for the month of May is the wooden lap tray with cushion.

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“This one has a beautiful design on the tray, making it attractive and functional. Customers can use it for breakfast in bed, reading writing or crafts.

“Ideal for use in the garden on the warmer days to rest on laps with the integrated cushion in an attractive tartan fabric, the tray rests comfortably on customers’ legs while they lie or sit.

“The top is laminated for easy cleaning and it has built-in handles to make carrying and positioning the lap tray easy, while the rim around the edge protects from things sliding off if using it for crafts.

“It is lightweight yet practical and sturdy.”


TPG DisableAids Alastair GibbsTPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Stair Steady from Stairsteady

Managing Director Alastair Gibbs

The Stairsteady - an alternative to stairlift

“For my pick of the month this time, I am looking at a product in which you can add value and secure a long-term customer.

“Often, we come across potential clients that are unsteady on their feet but not incapable of moving around their own home as long as they have support in the correct place to make it safe. There is a very popular school of thought that suggests that a small amount of safe exercise actually helps preserve independence for far longer. The “use it or lose it” syndrome.

“For that reason, we are retailers of the Stairsteady.

“If someone makes use of a rollator or walking frame indoors to keep them mobile, then it may well be that the Stairsteady on the stairs is sufficient help to keep them safe.

“It is a device that replaces the normal handrail with a strong steel square section rail, on this rail a handle can glide up and down until some pressure is applied to it. It then locks onto the rail to provide the support required.

“For some, this is all the help they need to stay safe on the stairs. For others, they may progress at a later date to become a stairlift customer. “If this should happen, they will clearly come back to you first for the upgrade so you secure your customer for the long term.

“If the thought of fitting the Stairsteady is a little daunting – it can easily be completed by a competent handyman – then there is actually a national fitting service provided which can do the installation for you. There is also a growing network of installing dealers that could help out.”


Michelle Mossford imageAbleworld’s pick of the month

Derby Tap Turner from Gordon Ellis & Co.

Senior Marketing Manager Michelle Mossford

Derby Tap Turners

“Many standard household taps can be difficult to turn, especially for those with poor grip or arthritis. The Derby Tap Turners are an economical alternative to replacing taps and can solve the problem, by providing a large textured handle which is easy to push, starting the flow of water.

“Colour coded in red and blue enabling those with impaired eyesight to quickly identify the correct tap, they can be used on different type taps, with no tools required.

“The screw-in handle grips the tap with a soft non-slip lining on the inside, providing the extra leverage needed to turn them with ease.”


Darren Macey imageLifestyle & Mobility’s pick of the month

Edge 3 from Quantum Rehab

Business Development Manager Darren Macey

Quantum Edge 3 powerchair being ridden in the woods

“Over the years, we have seen a massive development within the powerchair market – you only have to look at Steven Hawkins first powerchair to see that.

“We have to select the Quantum Edge 3 to be the product of the month. We love how Quantum Rehab has really thought about not only the functionality of the chair but have really focused on people’s lifestyle choices. This is so clear in the design it comes with LED fender lights, a USB charger and 14 colour options as standard.

“Quantum was also the innovators in R&D to develop the first 12-inch seat raiser that can go 4.5mph known as iLevel. This is a concept that we always like to promote, as it helps gives so many customers more independence and a much better life experience in social situations.

“We often hear from our customers, if they are out with an able-bodied person, they will always get ignored as if they someone that can’t be talked too. Once they buy into iLevel, this is massively reduced as they can have a face-to-face conversation with people and gain much more confidence.

“The Quantum Edge 3 also comes with SRS (smooth ride suspension) and innovative seat cushion with Coolcore technology and enhanced foam immersion. This is so comfy! Try it, I’m sure you will be sold.

“When we promote products it’s all about lifestyle first, then mobility and this product ticks both boxes.”


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