What products are retailers in the industry raving about?

It is the start of the new year, so is now the time to consider stocking some new products? Mobility retail experts from across the industry discuss one product that has stood out to them and why…

People First Mobility’s pick of the month

Aidapt’s Digital Pedal Exerciser image

Aidapt’s Digital Pedal Exerciser

Karen People First Mobility headhsotManaging Director Karen Sheppard

“As we are now in the winter months with dark evenings and very cold weather more people stay indoors, the daily walk to the shops becomes less frequent.  This means that exercise is at a minimum. Because of this, the product of the month we are choosing is the Digital Pedal Exerciser.

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“It helps with circulation and muscle strength, toning the legs and arms and helps to keep the joints moving, ideal for exercising from the comfort of your own home. It is low impact, easily stores away when not in use. The digital counter shows calories burned, time, revolutions, and strides per minute.

“It can be used for both the legs, either whilst seating or lying down and can also be used to exercise the arms, encouraging people to keep moving the joints at a time when they may be more static than usual. Also, after having the Christmas and New Year period they will have been less active leading to more problems with the joints.”


TPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Vicair Liberty from Invacare image

Vicair Liberty from Invacare

TPG DisableAids Alastair GibbsManaging Director Alastair Gibbs

“By their very nature, there can be very few mobility stores, small or large, that do not offer for sale basic manual wheelchairs. These chairs come in a variety of sizes and specifications and can be Transit or Self Propelled.

“However, the one thing they do not come with is effective pressure relieving cushions.

“Many will have a thin foam cushion or maybe a nice colour coordinated seat overlay but these will only offer minimum comfort for a very short period of time.

“So, as an absolute showroom basic, it is only right to have a better range of proven pressure relieving cushions that can be matched to the clients’ requirements and added to the sale value with very little extra effort. Indeed, not offering a good quality cushion as an available option could be seen as doing the customer a disservice.

“At TPG DisableAids, we will carry a range from Viscos Foam through to High Tech Gel. With prices ranging from £30 to over £400. All staff have been given training in their use and prescription (which is usually given free from the suppliers), however, one of our favourite cushions is the Vicair Liberty.

“This cushion is supplied into the UK by Invacare and many of you will know that they do know a thing or two about wheelchairs and can be relied upon to give good training and high-quality product. The Liberty retails for just over £100 and can make the world of difference to the comfort of the wheelchair user and easily add to the average sale value generated by your sales teams.”


Ableworld’s pick of the month

Electric Mobility’s Rascal Rio Powerchair image

Electric Mobility’s Rascal Rio Powerchair

Michelle Mossford imageSenior Marketing Manager Michelle Mossford 

“When looking to purchase a powerchair it is important to find features that suit the customers lifestyle. When it comes to the Rascal Rio there are many to choose from. It is a modern and stylish compact powerchair ideal for indoor or outdoor use and comes in a fresh, new colour with an easy to use joystick.

“The super lightweight portable powerchair easily dismantles making it the perfect choice for transportation and storage in small spaces.  Getting the seat position right is easy with simple adjustable arm height and width, flip-up footplate and a padded seat with folded back.

“Ableworld offer six-months free insurance on all our powerchairs.”


Style Mobility’s pick of the month

Drive’s lightweight wheelchair range image

Drive’s lightweight wheelchair range

Dominic Style Mobility headshotDirector Dominic Goldsmith

“A good seller for us recently has been Drive’s lightweight wheelchair range from Drive.

“The main benefits of the range are firstly, the competitive pricing and more importantly, the flexibility when it comes to sizes and styles.

“There is something to fit the needs of most customers.”


Better Mobility’s pick of the month

Quickie Jive M Hybrid

Andy Weston imagePowerchair Specialist Andy Weston

“The Quickie Jive M Hybrid combines the great outdoor capabilities of the Quickie Jive, with the existing seating system from the Quickie Salsa, producing a very well-priced and well-appointed chair. SpiderTrac suspension, allows it to tackle the outdoors with ease, while the turning radius of its mid wheel drive base gives it good indoor manoeuvrability.

“The Jive M Hybrid suits any age or size. Being able to choose from the Zippie and Salsa seating systems means we can make this chair suit a range of people with seating available from 12″ wide to 22″.

“The CJSM remote with built in infared and bluetooth connections allows the Jive M Hybrid to give full connectivity to a range of interfaces. I’ve just returned from Budapest where we successfully connected the client’s two televisions, yamaha sound bar, and satellite tv box all up to his Jive M Hybrid, giving him full control of his entertainment. This remote can easily be paired to a range of other home controls including doors, powered blinds or curtains, lighting, and much more.

“The Jive M Hybrid is a fantastic all-around chair that we are finding really popular with our clients.”


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