What products are retailers in the industry raving about?

Wondering which products are grabbing retailers’ attention? Each month, retailers in the mobility industry highlight one product that has stood out for them and why…

People First Mobility’s pick of the month

Motion Healthcare’s Lithilite Pro image

Motion Healthcare’s Lithilite Pro

Karen People First Mobility headhsotManaging Director Karen Sheppard

“People First Mobility has recently become stockists for this scooter and has seen it become a good seller due to the lightness of the components when split down, including the lithium-ion battery and the advantage of the large range from a small car portable scooter.

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“The Lithilite Pro has a market-leading 26-mile range, making it very appealing to many customers. The lightness of the lithium-ion batteries makes it ideal for those who cannot lift heavy weights but still require to travel a few miles more than the standard car portables on the market.

“Lithium-ion batteries are better equipped to stand up to day-to-day use and are so much smaller and lighter. The lightweight battery pack weighs in at only 5kg, making it incredibly easy to remove and charge off board. There is also an even lighter 2.75kg Air Safe battery pack. At 11ah, the Air Safe pack is within Civil Aviation Authority’s new regulations and can be taken on a plane, allowing you to take this scooter on holiday with you.

“The heaviest section of the scooter weighs only 15kg, the same as a packed suitcase, making it lightweight to lift into the boot of a car. It is easily stripped down and reassembled, has a swivel seat, along with plenty of leg room and even comes with front and rear suspension, enhancing comfort on the longer journeys.

“The feedback from customers has been very positive, comments made are its lightweight, easy to strip down, long range and suspension, all within a compact scooter. This is definitely a scooter to consider for the showroom.”


TPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Continence products image

Continence products

TPG DisableAids Alastair GibbsManaging Director Alastair Gibbs

“For my pick of what a good showroom should stock this month, I am looking more at how you get new customers to visit your shop in the first place.

“Often it is following a life event that has prompted a call to action. This might be a fall, an injury, an operation or a health event of some sort. So, your first contact with this new customer is as a problem solver or a solution provider.

“One of the most common ‘urgent’ problems is the one of urinary incontinence. For that reason, all good showrooms should stock a range of incontinence products to suit both male and female clients and various sizes to suit differing age ranges.

“The products should not be hidden away in the back of the shop as new customers are often very shy or embarrassed and having to ask to see them just goes to make the problem worse.

“Having a range on full show, with duplicates and extra stock in additional sizes kept in your storeroom works well and may be the easiest sale and introduction to a new customer. That new customer may not be a long-term purchaser of incontinence products as the NHS may take over the supply if the condition is long-term.

“However, your relationship with that new customer is now started on a positive note, as you have solved their immediate problem. This almost certainly means they will return when they next require a solution, which may be a mobility device or a stairlift.

“Never underestimate the power of solving a customer’s problem.”


Ableworld’s pick of the month

Shine’s non-spill tumbler image

Shine’s non-spill tumbler

Michelle Mossford imageSenior Marketing Manager Michelle Mossford

“This handy ‘non-spill tumbler’ is ideal for those with poor motor skills, Parkinsons or Tremors and the base is specially designed to prevent the tumbler from being overturned.

“The ergonomic angel shaped twin handles make the tumbler easier to hold and the lid with spout aids drinking without spillage.

“The luminous colour tumbler absorbs light through the daytime and glows at night in the dark which means the tumbler can be located at night without having to turn a light on.”


Style Mobility’s pick of the month

Vinyl Value’s Scooter Canopies image

Vinyl Value’s Scooter Canopies

Dominic Style Mobility headshotDirector Dominic Goldsmith

“I have decided to cover scooter canopies for my product this month. In particular, the bespoke canopies supplied to us by the lovely people at vinyl value.

“They offer an incredibly high-quality product available in a wide range of colours, custom made to fit any scooter.

“We have been incredibly pleased with their efficient service and have had nothing but positive feedback from our customers.”


Better Mobility’s pick of the month

Osprey’s Tilt in Space shower chair image

Osprey’s Tilt in Space shower chair

Assistant Business Manager Beth Warner

“My product choice for the showcase this month is the Osprey Tilt in Space shower chair.

“The Osprey Tilt in Space shower chair range is suitable for accommodating either one specific individual, or a range of patients due to its great adaptability.

“With choices of frame size and in-rigged or out-rigged arms, you can accommodate almost any seat size and positioning requirements. The Osprey company also offers custom frame alterations which are a great option for accommodating sizes outside of the normally available range.

“I have found this shower chair range is an increasingly popular choice for therapists for their clients, due to supportive shapes and high quality.

“With a range of accessories available for more specialised seating, the Osprey TIS shower chair range provides a supportive position for users who require a tilt in space shower chair. The feedback I receive on these shower chairs are that they are not only a comfortable and secure seating position for the user but they also provide a good level of privacy coverage.

“The Osprey range can be adapted to work as commodes with various apertures and options available to meet different toileting requirements.

“Harnesses and belts are options for more security, as well as adaptable wedges which can assist in thoracic support.

“Overall, the Osprey range, although not the least expensive shower chairs on the market, are proving to be money well spent, with many happy users.”


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