What products are retailers in the industry raving about in December?

With Christmas just around the corner, retailers’ in the industry discuss which products are grabbing their attention this December, highlighting one product that has stood out for them and why…

People First Mobility’s pick of the month 

Classic Canes’ Walking Stick range image

Classic Canes’ Walking Stick range

Karen People First Mobility headhsotManaging Director Karen Sheppard

“Since we have Christmas approaching fast, my product of the month is an ideal Christmas present for grandmas and mothers. The Classic Canes walking sticks come in delicate florals or bold animal prints so there is a design for everyone. They are an elegant expression of style and their unique individuality makes the user feel fashionable and well-dressed, with the choice of different colours adding a finishing touch to any outfit.

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“They have comfortable handles, are well made, and the folding sticks are easy to unfold and fold with easy adjustments for various heights.

“Customers that don’t want to appear frumpy or dull often buy a few to give them a choice to compliment whatever they choose to wear. The sticks are ideal for any special occasion and an excellent choice as a present with a difference.

“We usually display the adjustable folding walking sticks around our Christmas tree and decorations in the window, often with bows and ribbons on to gain extra sales at a time that is usually quiet for the mobility trade. Merry Christmas 🌲”


TPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

HomeGlow’s B-Warm electric seat warmer image

HomeGlow’s B-Warm electric seat warmer

TPG DisableAids Alastair GibbsManaging Director Alastair Gibbs

“As the year draws to a close and colder, wetter days become the topic of standard British conversation, I have chosen an item which serves a number of purposes for this time of the year: the HomeGlow B-Warm electric seat warmer.

“It can be used as an item to draw in family members looking for that practical gift for an elderly relative that has more pairs of socks, slippers or Christmas jumpers than they care to mention. Of course, whilst that family member is with you, they are shown far more equipment and solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had.

“It can also be used as an add on sale to any riser / recliner chair, as it acts to warm the user and serve as a chair protector. You may even want to use it as an incentive to buy the premium chairs in your range.

“Regarding the detail of the product, it is a mains powered electric blanket that fits on the chair and has a hand control to adjust the heat setting. It is machine washable should there be any little accidents.

“Its power consumption is such that it costs around 0.5p per hour to run and reduces the need to heat the whole house. This can be a significant saving on costs and may also be of interest to small residential homes to reduce the heating bills and it can be found at www.homeglowproducts.co.uk.”


Michelle Mossford Ableworld headshotAbleworld’s pick of the month

Drive’s one touch can opener

Senior Marketing Manager Michelle Mossford 

“In the UK, more than 10 million people have arthritis, unfortunately there is no cure but one of the Drive’s one touch can opener imageways to manage it is by finding products that can assist you.

“The One Touch automatic can opener is ideal for those people who have arthritis in the hands or have a weak grip.

“Simply place the can opener on the can, activate the button and the opener will spin and cut the can in seconds. There are no sharp edges and the lid never falls off!

“Just another product that Ableworld provide with the sole intention of keeping the user independent for longer.”


Better Mobility’s pick of the month

Ki Mobility’s Rouge XP image

Ki Mobility’s Rouge XP

Andrew Wynn imageMobility Seating Specialist Andrew Wynn

“The Ki Rogue XP has proven to be a very popular wheelchair this year for our Paediatric assessments.

“The key feature for us being the three inches of growth you can achieve that enables the chair to grow with the user, giving parents peace of mind and making it a cost-effective option.

“The high-quality build of the chair will be sure to last years of use and adjustment and has a large range of customisable features that help us to prescribe each wheelchair uniquely to the user’s personality and needs.

“Having all of this choice and adjustability within a lightweight and robust frame makes it an ideal first wheelchair for any young user.”


Style Mobility’s pick of the month

Pride’s Dorchester image

Pride’s Dorchester

Dominic Style Mobility headshotDirector Dominic Goldsmith

“Given the time of the year, I have decided to go for the ‘Pride Dorchester’ rise and recliner chair as my product of the month.

“Since receiving our demo chair, it has been a popular seller from the start.

“The Dorchester is an extremely comfortable, well-made chair to begin with so when given the unique added benefit of adjustable head rest, adjustable lumbar support and reasonable retail price, it can’t fail to be a customer favourite.”


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