What products are retailers in the industry raving about?

Wondering which products are grabbing retailers’ attention? Each month, retailers in the mobility industry highlight one product that has stood out for them and why…

Karen People First Mobility headhsotPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Wheely mac with sleeves

Managing Director Karen Sheppard

Wheely mac on scooter in People First Mobility store

“Always try to find ways and opportunities to boost sales with reference to any season, event or awareness days and utilise that in your marketing. With this month’s product being in April, a suggestion is to market all weather wear such as the wheely mac with sleeves for the April showers.

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“The Mac provides head to toe cover and the elasticated hem fits snugly over the footplates of the wheelchair, keeping water off the users’ feet. It has slots in the back to allow the handles of the wheelchair to go through, meaning the water runs down the back of the chair and not down the persons back.

“The hood has drawcords and they have a sturdy zip up to the neck to allow for comfort. The mac is fully waterproof and windproof and there is a deluxe version which has a brushed cotton lining for additional warmth. It also comes in an un-sleeved version.

“For the scooter, there is the scooter poncho. Much along with the same design as the wheelchair mac but without the elasticated hem making it suitable for the user to wear when they get off the scooter. It has a full-length zip for easy removal and fitting, as well as reflective tape on the sleeves and the rear, providing visibility for users at night.

“Your marketing emails can read… Worried about getting caught in the April Showers, then purchase a WheelyMac or Scooter Poncho and keep dry and warm.

“Perhaps having a discount for the month if purchased with any other item in store.”


TPG DisableAids Alastair GibbsTPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Performance Health’s BioFreeze Gel

Managing Director Alastair Gibbs

Performance Health BioFreeze Gel

“Having looked at larger more expensive showroom products in previous months, I thought that this month I would mention a product which is a consumable and although the low cost does keep customers coming back time and again. This enables us to form an ongoing relationship which often results in the customer buying further products at a later date.

“The product is the BioFreeze Gel from Performance Health.

“BioFreeze Gel is well suited for hands-on massage applications, particularly larger muscles and joints such as the calves, thighs, shoulders or elbows.

“Tubes are available in three sizes: a handy travel sized 30ml tube, 59ml tube and a larger 118ml version. Pump action dispensers are also available in larger sizes: 473ml and 946ml.

“BioFreeze is available without a prescription for private consumers and professionals.

“Many of our more senior customers complain of aches and pains, this product offers a low-cost temporary relief for many.”


Michelle Mossford imageAbleworld’s pick of the month

Electric Mobility’s Vecta Sport Road Scooter

Senior Marketing Manager Michelle Mossford

Electric Mobility Vecta Sport Cobalt Blue

“The Vecta Sport is an ultra-modern, compact yet powerful road mobility scooter.

“This scooter uses the best of modern design in a very compact overall package with a host of new features that combine to make a scooter that not only looks great, but performs even better. This model features exceptional legroom, an adjustable tiller and a highly comfortable seat to ensure that it is a scooter designed for all users.

“The simple straight forward waterproof dash panel and controls make operating this scooter simple and straightforward.

“The waterproof USB power output ensures that the user’s mobile phone is always charged, or alternatively provides the power for a GPS unit for the adventurous.

“This scooter has a 25 stone weight carrying capacity, revolutionary “RunOn” run flat pneumatic tyres, the unique Max Grip Limited Slip Differential gearbox and the new technology high power high torque 600-Watt motor this really is THE scooter for the 21st Century.

“All Scooters include six months free insurance and breakdown cover.”


Dominic Style Mobility headshotStyle Mobility’s pick of the month

Atlas 4 Hoist

Director Dominic Goldsmith

Monarch Mobility Hoist lifting scooter

“After a long wait, Monarch Mobility has finally released a portable scooter hoist that can be used with almost any hatchback car.

“No drilling, fixing or damaged sustained to the owner’s vehicle and capable of lifting up to 40kg with heavier lifting versions on the way, this is the answer to an all too common problem for customers and also their main objection for not buying one of the many folding scooters available.

“Costing less than half the price of a fixed hoist, the portable hoist will undoubtedly increase sales of folding and car boot scooters by a fair amount, especially when sold as a scooter/hoist package.”


Darren Macey imageLifestyle & Mobility’s pick of the month

Invacare’s Alber E-pilot

Business Development Manager Darren Macey

Invacare Alber E-Pilot

“Power add-ons are becoming increasingly popular over the last couple of years and with so many on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose.

“At Lifestyle and Mobility, we sell lots of active user products and with so many to choose from, it was key for us to get the right one in front of our customers. We believe the Invacare Alber E-pilot has the edge over its competitors.

“The first thing I love about this product is how easy it is to dock and lock to end-users’ wheelchairs. It’s a very simple process and only takes seconds. The clamps that stay on the end user wheelchairs aren’t very heavy either.

“This is highly important to our customers, as most of them would have paid a lot of money to have a lightweight wheelchair in the first place, so they definitely don’t want to be adding any more weight to their wheelchairs.

“The Alber E-pilot comes in 12 colours so customers are really able to add the personality to the product. What really makes this product stand out from its competition is the Mobility Plus App – within the app, you can select things like speed and cruise control.

“The easyNavi also works in conjunction to all wheelchair accessible routes and allows the customer to upload their route to social media and keep track of calories burned – a bit like a Fitbit or go map my ride.

“At Lifestyle & Mobility, our core belief is a customer’s lifestyle should always come first and this product ticks both boxes – lifestyle & mobility.”


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