Mobility Care Products social media competition winner February
Eric Conlon (pictured right) presented his new Electric Mobility scooter

Derbyshire-based mobility dealer Mobility Care has revealed the latest winner of its monthly competition online, tugging at the heartstrings of over 2,000 people that like the company’s page on social media.

Since January, the Ilkeston mobility shop has awarded one lucky individual with a brand-new mobility product each month and posted the emotional moments when the products were delivered to winners on the company’s Facebook page.

Patricia Lister Mobility Care Ltd January winner

Patricia Lister was the first lucky winner of the giveaway and was presented a new Hamble Cosi rise and recline chair to her surprise and delight in January and on the 6th March 2018, the mobility company announced Eric Conlon won a Rascal Veo mobility scooter in its February giveaway.

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First posting a video of Eric being presented his mobility scooter, along with flowers, balloon and a certificate on the popular social media website, the company followed this with a second post containing photos and more information of what winning the scooter meant to Eric.

In under 24 hours of posting the touching video and images on Facebook, Mobility Care has enjoyed substantial social media engagement, with a combined 302 likes, 68 well-wishing comments, 22 shares and over 850 video views.

Discussing the giveaway campaign with Chris Bower, Marketing Manager at Mobility Care, he told THIIS: “It was just an idea we came up with whilst having a brainstorm and it works well as it is a great way to engage the public and raise awareness of our two shops.

“It gives us something positive to shout about it and we get to bring some big smiles to people which is great.”

The company told THIIS that the campaign has helped considerably raise the mobility retailer’s social media presence.

“We’ll certainly look to continue running the competitions going forward,” added Chris.

The March giveaway will see Mobility Care giveaway two products – a single motor Elite rise and recline chair in Grey and a three-wheel walker with tray – with the competition already seeing over 180 people enter on Facebook in under a week.

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