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Having recently completed her Bronze Certificate in The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award’s (iDEA), East Coast-based mobility retailer Karen Sheppard has gone on to enhance her digital credentials further with a raft of new awards and is calling on other retailers to take up the course.

Developed to help participants build their digital, enterprise and employability know-how, iDEA is referred to as the digital equivalent of The Duke of Edinburgh Award, encouraging people to take part in the free course by completing a number of online modules.

Having successfully finished 50 individual badges (course modules) in the Bronze tier and having been bestowed the Bronze Champion award, Karen Sheppard, Managing Director of Skegness-based People First Mobility, has now completed iDEA’s Silver tier, as well as being awarded the Special Achievement Silver Award Star.

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The modules covered in the course span a wide breadth of digital areas, including coding, social media, design, e-commerce, customer relationship management and other areas of online business and marketing.

Discussing working through the course, Karen told THIIS: “I can honestly say I have enjoyed all of the badges, and looking back through them I am finding it difficult to say which bits were most interesting, as they were all so unique in their own way. So many different challenges but there were no badges that I did not enjoy doing.”

Now Karen is encouraging other retailers in the mobility industry to invest time to develop their digital skills, highlighting how important the online world is in the modern mobility retail landscape.

“I think mobility retailers should increase their digital knowledge as the digital world is fast advancing and to stay on top of the knowledge is a way to be a step ahead of your competitors,” she told THIIS.

“The iDEA badges cover everything from social media and websites, to GDPR, social selling, and advertising. They are interesting to do and as well as brushing up on the knowledge that you already know, there is still so much to learn.”

Karen confirmed she is already putting her new digital knowledge into use, changing her social media and advertising to engage customers, as well as working on the redesign of the company’s website.

“I would strongly recommend the iDEA award to anyone who wants to invest their time into learning more about the digital world, finding ways to improve and enhance the digital part of their business,” she finished.

“The modules have truly been fun to do. They can be done at home, at work, on the train, anywhere, and at any time and any place.  You can choose which badge to do first and being able to stop and start any badge at any time allows you to fit them in around other commitments.”

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