Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) specialist Mobility Network Group has completed the acquisition of IAV (formerly CARadap), taking a 100% shareholding in Spanish manufacturer.

Following the acquisition, IAV and its products will be added to Mobility Networks expanding product portfolio in the WAV market, which currently includes cassette and inboard lifts, automatic and manual ramps, electric and mechanical steps, seats, flooring and lowered floor conversion kits.

Th move will see Mobility Networks now create two distinct business units for the Iberian market – CARadap and Mobility Networks Iberia.

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Wayne Harmer, Group Managing Director at Mobility Networks Group, explained: “CARadap will focus on supplying the local WAV market while Mobility Networks Spain will focus on supplying converters in the Iberian market place with our full range of innovative and quality products to M1, M2 and M3 converters and end users.

“The combination of CARadap’s WAV design and installation capabilities will add significant value to this key market.”

This latest acquisition follows a string of investment in European companies by Mobility networks Group, including Germany’s TMN Europe in 2014, Italy’s Caroil Systems in 2015 and the merger of the Dutch company Acdeos in September 2017.

CARadap´s General Manager, Joaquín Leizaola, commented: “The incorporation of CARadap to the Mobility Networks Group will ensure the productive capacity and the technological evolution to continue offering the best vehicle accessibility solutions, with a range of products technically advanced and in a constant evolution.”

According to Mobility Networks, the acquisition further strengthens its position in the market and demonstrates the plan to be a leading global supplier of WAV kits of multiple brands.

Established in 2014 and headquartered in Kent, Mobility Networks is one of the leading global specialists in accessible vehicle solutions.

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