Julian Cobbledick imageDirector of Assistive Partner

What is Assistive Partner?

We are a software company. Because we focus exclusively on the healthcare market, it involves understanding what software is needed in healthcare & healthcare retailing. We determine what it is people need to do using our operations experience, then make sure our development team of skilled software developers and engineers deliver software that really works.

What do you enjoy most about your job and working in the industry?

Believe it or not, I have been involved in the industry for 32-years and the most enjoyable thing is really watching everything evolve. When you attend a show like Trade Days, you get to some really interesting point-of-sale merchandising, which in turn feeds into barcoding which feeds into our software. So, bit by bit, we are watching the industry grow and mature.

Also, making full use of technology to save time and improve customer and stock records.

What is the biggest change to the industry you have seen within those 32-years?

I think it has got to be the products. For the entire period of my career, this industry has been very much product-driven. Early on, they were really rickety things, often invented in someone’s garage or shed because of a daughter, father or neighbour had a need, but now, in the present day, we are moving into high tech electronics, telehealthcare and more.

You and I, in the future, will inevitably become part bionic, because there will be implants and all sorts of things that we haven’t even imagined yet. It really is product, product, product and I think it will remain that for the coming decades as well.

If you could bring any new innovation to the market, what would it be?

It would have to be something to do with the way people understand what devices are available to them because there is still a lot of ignorance as to what equipment is available.

It is not so much an invention, but it is some way or another getting better information to people. That being said, we are getting better and better as a sector at informing people what we do, but there is still a lot of ignorance about what they can get.

What are interests outside of the industry?

I love music and the theatre, as well as relaxing and walking. Pretty much anything that gets me away from thinking.

If you could do any other job in the world, what would it be?

Goodness, I would be a helicopter pilot and look down on the world!

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