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As mobility retailers and manufacturers look to kick start a brand-new year by launching new, engaging campaigns to gain attention and attract valuable new business, According Marketing’s John Corellis provides some interesting and useful tips for companies to consider to help maximise the effectiveness of their marketing.

As a member of the Mature Marketing Association, I recently attended the BHTA Awards and was delighted to see how our sector continues to innovate and grow year-on-year. There were many deserving winners on the night, proving that originality, care and creativity are at the heart of our industry.

Hence, to stay ahead in this noisy, chaotic and very competitive industry, we as marketers must continually re-examine how best to reach our key consumer groups, and how best to create the right messages to make them act.

And what better time than the New Year to question the status quo and make fresh plans.

The mature market

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First and foremost, with over-50 consumers accessing multiple channels in multiple ways, it is vital that mobility brands understand how to connect with this audience in an authentic and inspiring way. Remember – this is a diverse, experienced and sophisticated group that has many different values, interests and lifestyles, which directly influence their buying habits. By categorising them using strict demographic labels, and only engaging via traditional media outlets, brands are missing out on a whole host of opportunities.

Put simply, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so marketing requires a strategic focus on consumers, markets, media influences and competitors.

A different perspective

At Accord, strategic planning is the application of thinking that goes hand in hand with data, research and evaluation. From analysing market trends and seasonal fluctuations to observing competitor activity and the consumer’s path to purchase, it is our goal to identify short, mid and long-term opportunities.

As part of this commitment to research, we recently released a new white paper that takes a closer look at the over-50s’ consumer journey. Surveying over 1,450 participants, it looks at media channels and opportunities, buying habits and personalisation, technology and the consumption of content and asks the question – are brands effectively marketing products in line with how the over-50s see themselves?

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By drilling down into each individual decade segment – 50-59, 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ age groups – the findings are both interesting and thought-provoking.

For example, with the results revealing that over a quarter of over-50s listen to Classic FM, should more mobility retailers include radio as part of their wider marketing mix? Similarly, as TV remains a popular channel amongst older audiences, does DRTV now offer affordable, regional-based options that will help drive footfall to a retail store?

And another key takeaway – and I can’t emphasise this enough – is to not underestimate the power of paid social media. Our research not only reveals that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube continue to be popular networking platforms for the over-50s, but also that 2 in every 5 use them to research products and services before they commit to purchase. This statistic highlights the need for brands to have a clear understanding of how their content is being consumed across multiple devices.

At Accord, it’s all about targeted messaging, trackable performance and connective response. If you would like a copy of this research, please contact me.

Accord Marketing is an integrated marketing agency specialising in the mature market, helping manufacturers and retailers get the most out of their marketing. To find out more, contact John on 020 7395 9632 or

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