Chances are any business leader and marketeer has heard the phrase ‘content is king’, but what does it mean? John Corellis, Senior Account Manager at Accord Marketing, discusses the importance of content marketing and provides top tips for how mobility retailers and manufacturers can use their content for commercial advantage.

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Accord Marketing’s John Corellis

With an estimated 58% of over-50s expected to have long-term health problems or a disability by 2020, a question we are often asked at Accord is how to engage with this audience in an authentic way – especially in the digital sphere.

Content marketing is always at the top of our recommendations as it offers brands a great opportunity to build a following of loyal supporters, climb online search rankings and capture the interest of those who are already in the market for a mobility product.

But where should your brand begin when developing a mature-inclusive content strategy? Here are our top tips:

Don’t fall into the trap of stereotypes

With 79% of those aged 50 and above feeling misunderstood and misrepresented, it is integral that your content steers clear of outdated stereotypes and assumptions about ageing.

After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to mature marketing. Instead, it is complicated, ever-evolving and too complex to second guess. In general, the over-50s are more active, digitally-engaged, and adventurous than ever before – and your content should reflect this.

It is an audience that possesses a wide range of interests and motivations. And the same can be said about those who have mobility impairments; rather than focus on what they can’t do, brands must focus on the wide range of things that can be achieved by using their products.

So, narrow down which audience segment you want to target specifically and base your content strategy around up-to-date insights, data profiles and buying habits.

Consider things from the audience’s perspective

By understanding your potential customers’ needs and concerns, you can offer product-related solutions and useful advice, without adopting a “hard sell” approach.

In other words, you can tell a good story and tell it well. For example, with recent data showing that 62% of over-50s worry about preserving their physical health, a blog piece on low-impact exercises that will help those with limited mobility to maintain fitness would be a great way to inform, inspire and engage.

This kind of user-centric approach will not only drive incremental traffic to your website but will also position your brand as thought-leading and knowledgeable

Promote your content via the right channels

While mature audiences are digitally active, they engage with certain channels more than others so it is imperative that you carefully choose the right channels. For example, as more than 80% of over-50s use Facebook, this platform is preferable to Snapchat, which has a significantly younger age base.

“By understanding your potential customers’ needs and concerns, you can offer product-related solutions and useful advice, without adopting a “hard sell” approach.” John Corellis

Another great way to promote your content is through influencer collaboration. By arranging partnerships with established bloggers, charities and associations, you can strengthen your validity and drive brand awareness, whilst also developing exciting and informative content.

Keep accessibility in mind

Finally, if you’re offering customers mobility solutions, it follows that any content you produce must be user-friendly and accessible. By implementing adjustable text sizing across your blogs, introducing closed captioning into your videos and using legible colour palettes across your website, you will ensure that every piece of on-site content reaches the widest audience possible.

Accord is an award-winning marketing agency that specialises in the mature and mobility sectors. If you would like to know more about how we can help you develop a targeted content strategy, please get in touch with our expert team today or arrange to meet us at Trade Days on 7th-8th October.

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