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Living made easy logoWith close to 1000 suppliers nationwide constantly releasing new products in the mobility and independent living industry, it can be difficult for retailers to keep track of what equipment is available on the market. Living made easy however is aiming to make retailers’ live easier each month with their product showcase, highlighting new, unique and popular products to busy retailers.

The next generation Baltic

PIC Arctic Star Wars, Arctic Turning Bed White Frame

Centrobed’s Arctic Independent Bed is a variation of their Baltic bed.  The metal frame is made up of different sections, making it possible for the user to turn left or right whilst staying in the seated position. The legs can be moved independently, helping to reduce the risk of pressure sores and paraesthesia. The bed itself can lower and raise to different heights reducing the risk of injuries to the carers.

The bed comes in a variety of bright colours. Sizes range from paediatric to bariatric and can also be made to measure.

Floating on air

Diamond DIA304, Diamond E2060_E7000_C, Diamond mattress

The Squirrel Diamond MRS is a patented design low profile active alternating dynamic air mattress that has been designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Consisting of 58 air cells over two layers, its intelligent design addresses the issues of self-initiated movement and due to its quiet digital pump and subtle massage is effective at inducing sleep.

The mattress is fitted with a waterproof and vapour-permeable stretch PU quilted mattress cover.

Portable safety sleeper

Safety sleeper sml, Safety sleeper frame_pads2, Safety sleeper _Z0G0327

This fully enclosed and portable bed system from Abram’s Nation is designed to prevent a loved one from unattended wandering. Accessed through a zipped side entry, the unique design aids the user to wind down and go to sleep by reducing visual stimulation and the opportunity to play or roam. Its safety feature also removes any entrapment fears for individuals who suffer from night-time seizures or injure themselves when falling out of bed.

A coverlet is included, along with an air mattress and pump, stabilising straps and frame pads. The Safety Sleeper Enclosed Bed comes in a range of colours and can be taken apart and packed away in the travel suitcase for transport.

Twin and full-sized mattresses are available, including bespoke. The pro model has four multi-functional access points for use with feeding, oxygen tubes etc and a convertible side entry with two zipper access on both sides.

Children’s cot bed

PIC Flores Extra Tall, Grey Flores

The Flores cot bed has a high sided wooden surround with an electrically operated profiling bed frame. The traditional bars have been replaced with side panels fitted with macrolon windows, giving the child a 360-degree view from the cot.

A side access for a mobile hoist is available if required. It can be fitted with a safety bar or all-round bumpers to minimise the risk of injury or harm to the child.

According to the manufacturer, the concept will help encourage better sleep patterns and bedtime routines, thus giving peace of mind even with the most challenging child.

Cost-effective alternating overlay mattress


Developed and aimed at those who at low risk of developing pressure ulcers, the Domus 1 Mattress Overlay is a lightweight pressure relieving mattress system composed of 64mm high bubble cells with extension flaps on the top and bottom to prevent sliding.

The fire-retardant PVC pad has a weight indicator reference for optimised pressure setting and adjustable hangers, designed to be compatible with most electric profiling beds.

Silent, maintenance free mattress

Opera Synergy pressure relief

The Opera Synergy is a hybrid pressure mattress system that combines air and foam through a non-powered self-adjusting technology to provide pressure relief. Air-foam cells inset into the mattress and re-adjust according to the mattress user’s body movement, enabling intelligent pressure care.

Other features include a tapered pressure relieving heel-zone, mattress platform securing straps, 240-foam node surface, handling loops and a high-quality two-way stretch vapour-permeable cover with welded seams that provide fluid ingress protection.

As there is no need for a pump, this mattress is intended to have a silent operation and be maintenance free.

Richmond Adjustable Bed

Richmond bed

This half-divan fully adjustable bed comes with a heavy-duty frame and Reflex mattress. It stands on legs and has castors for ease of movement – ideal if you need to get bed tables or hoists underneath.

Complete with a Belgian damask upholstered surround, there’s the option to choose from a range of mattresses and headboards. The base comes with or without drawers. A massage facility, cot sides, grab rails and leg lifers are also available.

Specifically designed for a person who requires carers


With a maximum rise height of 18 inches, the high/low action on this adjustable height profiling bed allows for a person to be turned in bed at a comfortable height.  It also assists the user to stand up from a seated position on the edge of the bed, in much the same way as a rise and recline chair works.

Manufactured by Laybrook, the bed comes with a choice of frame sizes and mattresses, with options for under space for hoist legs or higher weight capacity. is the UK’s leading comparison site for equipment for independent living used predominately by disabled and older people or their relatives and friends. Our comprehensive database helps around two million people a year. If you are a supplier and would like to list your products on Living made easy, contact our data services team at
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