Scotgate Mobility Katy Brown and Oundle Mobility's Ann
Scotgate Mobility’s Katy Brown and Oundle Mobility’s Ann Gould

Two mobility retailers have joined forces to provide a new, short-term equipment hire service in the East Midlands, supplying mobility aids to those who only need the equipment for a temporary period.

Stamford’s Scotgate Mobility and Oundle’s Oundle Mobility will aim to help provide mobility solutions to local residents who may have had an accident or operation and only require the products briefly, as well as for those who may have visitors staying that may have mobility needs.

Scotgate Mobility’s Katy Brown, an award-winning member of the British Healthcare Trades Association, and Oundle Mobility’s Ann Gould, an experienced OT registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and a member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, will now deliver the joint hiring service in their respective localities.

Discussing the decision to collaborate with another independent mobility retailer, Scotgate Mobility’s Katy Brown told THIIS: “I have known of Ann since opening the business two years ago, as she works in a neighbouring town. There is no alternative equipment service in our area, so we think it will be a much-needed resource.”

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“I think it is useful to collaborate to share ideas and knowledge and make life a bit easier – that is why the BHTA retailers’ group is so useful.”

Ann added: “Katy is delightful to work with and clearly offers an excellent, caring service to her customers. Together we find that we can utilise our skills to benefit our customers.”

Recently, the NHS’ provision policy of wheelchairs for short-term use in Scotland has been challenged by Labour MSP Jackie Baillie, who put forward a new bill calling for the NHS to provide wheelchairs to people in Scotland with short-term mobility needs – a shift from the current six-month policy.

The national Red Cross charity also offers short-term mobility equipment hire options, however, last year saw the charity close a string of its mobility hubs, highlighting high running costs and commercial rates for premises.

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