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With close to 1000 suppliers nationwide constantly releasing new products in the mobility and independent living industry, it can be difficult for retailers to keep track of what equipment is available on the market. Living made easy however is aiming to make retailers’ live easier each month with their product showcase, highlighting new, unique and popular products to busy retailers.

Veziris Healthcare Body Up imageSingle carer lifting

The Body Up is a multi-functional transfer frame with seated sling lifting mechanism. Manufactured by Veziris Healthcare, it’s designed to act as transfer aid, wheelchair, and toilet and bath aid. It can provide transfer to and from a variety of vehicles.

The frame is made from stainless steel with waterproof cushioned arms and back covers. The internal and external width is adjustable (the width will extend to fit around a wheelchair) and it folds into three pieces for transport.

There’s no motor or battery charging, instead, a manual geared winding mechanism enables the carer to lift and lower the patient. A range of accessories are available including a waterproof seat for use in the bathroom and toileting and stabilisation straps.

Lift walker

ArjoHuntleigh Walker image

The ArjoHuntleigh Walker is a hand operated mobile seat hoist and walker.

The person sits astride a contoured spade seat and is supported under the arms by a padded horseshoe-shaped rest. Vertical handgrips are located on either side. The seat can be detached when the user is raised to a standing position and the hoist is used for supported walking. The Walker’s open sides give free access to the user’s hips, knees and ankles.

The Walker is variable in height, with adjustable handgrips and straps. It’s also equipped with brakes on two castors and a straight steering device.

A battery-operated version is also available.

Floatation sling

Silvalea flotation sling image

This floatation sling is designed for transferring a user into a hydrotherapy or swimming pool. The sling is constructed to provide maximum buoyancy, security and support to a user whilst they are in a horizontal position.

Manufactured by Silvalea, it features a foam neck roll, waist support with a connecting groin strap and a padded roll at the base of the sling and comes in a range of four sizes.

Abiliquip Abi Loader imageIndependent travel

Designed for wheelchair users who can transfer between the wheelchair and the car seat, the Abi Loader is an automatic wheelchair loading system that will load and unload the wheelchair in and out of the rear of the vehicle, delivering it to the front passenger or driver’s door side.

The Abi Loader is designed to be suitable for most cars. It can be used with some wheelchairs that have electric power conversions and can be transferred from one vehicle to another.

Manufactured by Abiliquip, it is imported into the UK by Steering Developments.

Invacare Birdie hoist imageBirdie electric mobile hoist

The Birdie can be used to lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or the floor. It features a curved boom section, designed to keep the user away from the mast during lifting, allowing for a 360-degree range of movement.

Functions include emergency stop, emergency lowering and a detachable battery. There’s the option of a two- or four-point spreader bar. The manual leg spread is operated with a foot lever, or alternatively a handle can be fitted or an electric leg spreader can be added.

The mast and boom detach from the base – the hoist is designed to fold and unfold without the need for tools.  Manufactured by Invacare, the Birdie is compatible with a wide range of slings.

Multi-function hoist

Astor Bannerman’s Senta hoist image

Astor Bannerman’s Senta is a mobile bathroom hoist with a range of lifting options, from seat lift, to leg-supporting seat lift, and with the addition of side wings, to a full stretcher lift.

Designed for use in shower areas and wet rooms (it’s partly constructed from stainless steel and has polyurethane padding), the hoist features a commode seat with removable pad, swing away detachable arms and a handrail. The detachable PVC backrest is interchangeable.

The height can be adjusted via a hand control unit and the chassis is width adjustable, designed to allow it to fit into larger baths. The four double castors (two of which are lockable) have a closed design to help prevent a build-up of carpet fibres and debris.

The Senta comes with an integrated manual emergency lowering system and cut out. A range of optional extras are also available.

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