Mobility scooter Scoozy with a woman seated

After grabbing visitors’ attention at last year’s Rehacare, Scoozy, an award-winning and innovative Dutch mobility scooter, is planning to turn heads at this year’s Naidex, stating it is offering something “exceptionally interesting for retailers.”

With a background in electric driving, having been involved in the creation of world champion solar racing Nuna, the company’s founders Job van de Kieft and Jan Willem decided to turn their talents to the mobility market.

The pair created Scoozy, a unique mobility device that boasts some unique features and an attractive design. The lithium-ion battery-powered mobility vehicle includes a smart range estimation to help users determine how much further the device will travel, ventilated seating and a variety of colours, according to the company.

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Interestingly, Scoozy does not use a steering column, instead blurring the lines between a mobility scooter and powerchair by electing for a joystick hand control, with the company stating that removing the steering column provides the user more freedom.

“There is nothing comparable to Scoozy on the market” Rosalie Lemmen, Marketing Manager for Scoozy

Additionally, the mobility scooter includes an app which allows end-users to know where the device is parked, its status, and service work to be taken care of by dealers.

Excited to introduce Scoozy to end-users and retailers, the company first showcased its pre-production model at last year’s Rehacare and has confirmed to THIIS that it will be at Naidex on the 26th and 27th March.

Keen to showcase new technology to the mobility market, TGA Mobility, the supplier of the unique WHILL C powerchair, is providing the Dutch start-up space on its stand to demonstrate the product to visitors, as well as allowing attendees to put the Scoozy through its paces on its test track.

Tim Ross, National Sales Manager for TGA Mobility, told THIIS: “As a forward-thinking company, we enjoy working with innovative companies and products that help redefine and shape the mobility market. We are looking forward to seeing end-users’ reactions to the Scoozy and would encourage visitors to stop by stand N11112 to find out more.”

Mobility scooter scoozy close up shot as company preapres for Naidex 2019

Discussing the reaction to the product since its Rehacare debut Rosalie Lemmen, Marketing Manager for Scoozy, highlighted the level of interest it has generated amongst dealers.

“We got a lot of attention from dealers and distributors over the world. What we hear from them is that they haven’t seen anything like it both in terms of design and functionality,” she explained.

“Our aim was to make it a cool gadget instead of a helping aid. We think we succeeded in this because a lot of our first customers haven’t driven a mobility scooter before and don’t want anything else except Scoozy.”

Now planning to generate interest in the UK, the company is preparing for a domestic roll out before later expanding its reach.

“We do not yet have distributors in the UK,” commented Rosalie.

“We are in contact with several potential dealers across the country however, both small and bigger companies. First, we will roll out in The Netherlands, after that, other countries, such as the UK, will follow.”

Stating that they are interested to open contact with new dealers interested in bringing something exciting to the mobility market, Rosalie underlined why retailers should consider selling the product.

“There is nothing comparable to Scoozy on the market,” she asserted.

“We have created something for people that want to get everything out of life and look for a mobility solution that fits that need, both functionally and emotionally.

“The fact that we broaden the market to people who don’t want to drive a normal mobility scooter but do like Scoozy makes it exceptionally interesting for retailers.”

Job van de Kieft will be at the show on the 26th March and there will be opportunities to test drive the device on the day.

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