S-CAPEPOD in use, with bariatric patient carried by three healthcare professionals

Specialist bariatric equipment provider Benmor Medical has agreed an exclusive distribution partnership with Dutch-firm Tetcon – Textile Technical Concepts – bringing its innovative bariatric emergency evacuation equipment to the UK market for the first time.

Designed to assist healthcare professionals to evacuate bariatric people from locations such as a hospital ward or other public/private buildings in the event of an emergency, the distribution partnership will see Benmor Medical introduce Tetcon’s S-CAPEPODS to its offer.

Permanently mounted between the frame of a bed and the mattress for immediate access, the S-CAPEPODS are a quick and safe solution for evacuating bariatric patients in the event of an emergency, ensuring no one is left behind.

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When required, rescuers pull the flaps out, securing them around the patient. When the patient is encompassed in the evacuation device (whilst still comfortable on the mattress), they are ready for a secure evacuation.

S-CAPEPOD bariatric patient being moved by healthcare professionals in emergency evacuation

According to Benmor Medical, using the S-CAPEPOD takes approximately 60 seconds to prepare the patient for emergency evacuation and has been safety tested to 500kg (78 Stones).

Commenting on the new distribution partnership, a statement from Benmor Medical said: “Our aim is simple, to continue to offer the most suitable, innovative and safest products for bariatric patients and their carers. Our partnership with Tetcon brings a new, exciting realm to our product range, helping to fulfil our vision of creating a successful bariatric equipment range which will provide safety for patients and healthcare professionals throughout the UK.”

The only evacuation sheet for larger individuals that permanently sits under the bed mattress to ensure accessibility for rescuers says Benmor Medical, the bariatric specialists will now look to promote the product to healthcare organisations across the UK, including NHS acute trusts, community care centres, private hospitals and care homes.

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