Etac R82 at 2018 BHTA Awards 2018 image

Etac R82 has achieved success at the annual British Healthcare Trades Association Awards, winning a ‘Highly Commended’ Best Product accolade for its paediatric R82 Meerkat dynamic stander.

A strong proposal was submitted to the BHTA Best Product category as the Meerkat has proven successful since its 2017 launch. It is a fully adjustable, ergonomic simple stander that offers posterior and anterior support with the option to add a rocker under the base. This rocker provides a dynamic element for disabled children, so they can move forwards and backwards, challenging their balance and improving core stability.

Following eight years of research and development by R82, the Meerkat now delivers a significant development in paediatric standing frames as it bridges the gap between static and dynamic therapy.

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The Etac R82 submission detailed why it believes the Meerkat excels and deserves official recognition of its design excellence. The demand and clinical benefits of the product were clearly identified along with evidence-based results and a compelling case study.

The associated marketing plan was illustrated which includes a variety of media including therapist-led videos, social media content and a Meerkat ‘work book.’

Awareness of the Meekat continues further with inclusion in Etac R82’s ongoing educational programme. These factors amongst others resulted in the ‘Highly Commended’ Best Product accolade being awarded by Simon Weston CBE at the BHTA’s annual black-tie awards dinner, which was held at the Alton Towers Hotel, Stoke-on-Trent.

Nicky Hogg, Etac R82 Marketing and Business Development Manager, commented: “We are delighted to have achieved this Best Product Highly Commended accolade from the BHTA. The Meerkat fully deserves official recognition of its design effectiveness and the clinical results it achieves.

“With targeted and adaptable support, the Meerkat facilitates the opportunity for children who require assistance standing, to accelerate their postural control and motor skills through measured instability, whilst optimising therapist intervention. It has been designed to allow children to learn through movement and we are proud to witness the positive outcomes our Meerkat achieves on a daily basis.”

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