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In the mobility and independent living industry, the need to ensure patients are moved out of hospitals and back into the community is often highlighted as a priority to relieve an overburdened NHS. To reinforce the level of pressure facing NHS A&E departments across the UK, an interesting free interactive game is enabling users to imagine what life is like for staff on a busy A&E ward for a day.

Produced by specialist solicitors Bolt Burdon Kemp, ‘Crisis Point: A Day in A&E’ is an interactive multiple-choice simulation where users are required to make decisions in a busy A&E whilst attempting to meet the Government’s real-life targets.

The simulation puts users in various scenarios throughout two 12-hour shifts, where they are required to make key decisions relating to patients and staff, with the aim to see, admit, treat, and discharge as many patients as possible in one day.

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Taking turns as four types of medical professional – staff nurse, senior sister (or senior charge nurse, the male equivalent), junior doctor and consultant (with a brief stint as a paramedic) – their success is measured against Government’s strict four-hour target, whereby 95 percent of all patients need to be assessed, and then treated, admitted or discharged from an A&E department.

The average performance across England has not been 95 percent since July 2015, however, within that some hospitals do meet and exceed the target.

The aim of the game is to raise awareness around the pressures facing the NHS in winter and particularly A&E departments and staff working in emergency care. It also emphasises the sometimes very difficult and life-altering decisions facing NHS staff on the wards.

Crisis Point A&E

The scenarios in the simulation were created following interviews with A&E staff and their experiences of facing challenging decisions on a day-to-day basis, reflecting the 7.3 percent rise in A&E patients in the last five years – equating to almost 3,000 extra people every day.

THIIS was unable to stay within the target after two attempts. If you have five-minutes, play the ‘Crisis Point: A Day in A&E’ simulation and see if you are able to do better!

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