Electric Mobility Rebecca Bateson imageJoining Electric Mobility in 2017, Rebecca Bateson has been promoted to Marketing & Digital Executive following a successful 16 months of transforming Electric Mobility’s online presence.

Bringing three sub brands together to create online communities with shared interests, social media has been the focus of Electric Mobility’s online transformation.

Rebecca studied Journalism and Public Relations at university and brings a passion for photography, social media and healthcare to her role. Understanding the importance of social media in other industries, a key responsibility for Rebecca has been to demonstrate how it can improve Electric Mobility in a B2B climate.

In the mobility industry, ensuring product awareness is as easy and accessible as possible is a priority. Rebecca explained: “Our customers may be housebound & unable to be swayed by the temptations of a “50% off’ sign in a shop window, or eye-catching Point of Sale material.

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“Social Media allows us to place our products in front of our demographic so that when they’re ready to purchase a product, they know what options are available.”

Building the online channels for consumers, Rebecca has also been able to improve dealers’ knowledge. The ‘Emob News’ blog is regularly updated with product information, unique selling points and in-depth product descriptions with Rebecca curating industry trends and topics for dealer consumption.

“Those who already follow @ElectricMobilityEuro know that short & snappy posts about different products and their benefits help them have a greater understanding of our CosiChair & Rascal ranges,” she added.

Aiming online content at consumers complements other marketing campaigns across the business and creates a more impactful message, emphasises Electric Mobility.

Elaine Leighton, Marketing and Communications Manager at Electric Mobility, echoed this point: “Employing an In-house Digital Expert & improving our Online Marketing Strategies has helped our brand channelise our marketing campaigns in a more encompassing manner to ensure better growth and more profits.

“Diversification is vital in highlighting and publicising your business to reach consumers and gain their confidence.”

The company’s marketing team, which works closely with its 450 UK dealers, has maintained its high standard of advertising using creative content to support a variety of marketing campaigns.

“One new marketing technique does not replace another but accepting that online is a great avenue for brand & product awareness opens us up to even more interest,” Rebecca commented.

She also explained that targeting posts to sub-demographics and experimenting with timings combined with real-time analysis improves the social channels and feeds back what is working, making navigating online simple.

Electric Mobility has enjoyed over 60 percent growth in online channels directly relating to brand and product awareness, driving consumers to an impressive network of authorised dealers who are encouraged to interact with content posted so they have quick access to another sales tool.

Rebecca concluded: “I am enjoying the responsibility of building our online communities and focussing on the relationships which make our marketing campaigns flourish.

“My job role is extremely varied with online only a part of it, but seeing what impact it is having on our brand and how it is helping us to support our Dealers, many who are small family run businesses genuinely increases my passion to constantly improve what we are doing.”

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