Drive Dual Wheel Auto Fold Scooter image

Based on customer feedback, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has launched its new, foldable, dual front wheel Auto Fold Scooter.

The Auto Fold Scoter was redeveloped following feedback from customers based on the HW008 series. Drive says that its new dual front wheel feature offers enhanced stability, while still retaining the excellent functionality of the original scooters.

Offering an easy transport solution for users, the mobility device can be folded and unfolded via remote control in under 20 seconds. Additional safety features include speed reduction when cornering, an auto-stop function and an anti-slip footwell.

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With a maximum weight capacity of 115kg, the Auto Fold Scooter has a top speed of 4mph, airline-friendly batteries and an anti-rollback system safety device which prevents the scooter from rolling backwards on hills.

Three colour options are available for the scooter: copper, purple and red.

Drive DeVilbiss is a manufacturer and distributor of medical products, with a wide product range including wheelchairs, powerchairs, walking aids, daily living aids, rise recliners, mobility scooters, pressure area care and moving & handling.

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