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Put together by researchers from the Transport Research Group in Psychology (TRiP) at Nottingham Trent University, a new training tool has been launched for mobility scooter users that aims to highlight common hazards people might encounter while driving on roads.

See & Scoot is a 20-minute video aimed at new and current mobility scooter users. It was developed over a two-year period and received a grant from the Road Safety Trust for its creation.

Using an evidence-based approach, See & Scoot was built from the views of mobility scooter users though a large questionnaire study, face-to-face interviews, and recording users as they drove around a city centre. From this knowledge, the researchers feel that the tool will enable users to identify the main scooter hazards and how to negotiate them.

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See & Scoot training video image

Topics within the video include pedestrians, traffic, visibility at crossings and crossing design to help users recognise the different potential hazards.

The tool is unique because it incorporates real-life footage filmed from a mobility scooter user’s perspective, who drove around Nottingham City Centre.

See & Scoot was launched because of the increase in scooter accidents and fatalities making headlines. This has been an issue that many retailers and suppliers within the mobility industry have tried to tackle.

With plans to start building in mid-April, LIDA Disability Consultants is currently developing an impressive 14,000 sqft mobility scooter training course to help improve user safety.

Leading mobility scooter specialist TGA is also trying to prevent scooter accidents and fatalities by offering to run joint safe driving awareness days with retailers as part of a new dealer outreach initiative.

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