Walking stick specialist Classic Canes has launched a new trade catalogue including many new designs exclusive to the company.

Among the new products featured are a collection of adjustable and folding canes patterned with British wildflower designs, a range of fabric-wrapped adjustable canes, smart ‘Mayfair’ derby canes with sparkling crystal collars, and canes printed with designs featuring cats, hearts and blossom.

Photographs in the catalogue depict the directors and their family modelling a variety of Classic Canes walking sticks to demonstrate how different canes can be used in different situations.

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Managing Director of Classic Canes Charlotte Gillan explained: “Our new catalogue is a great opportunity to show our customers how the Classic Canes brand is evolving.

“We have many new designs that are exclusive to us and will give our stockists interesting new sales opportunities.

“Tim Mercer’s beautiful photographs help explain that a walking stick is an extension of its user’s personal sense of style and that a walking stick is not just an aid to balance but also an important accessory and gift item.”

The Classic Canes catalogue will be published and circulated at the end of August.

Established in 1982, Classic Canes has over 2,000 stockists in 40 countries worldwide.

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