A specialist in accessibility solutions, AKW has announced its acceptance as a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA).

The BHTA is one of the UK’s oldest and largest healthcare associations and its 500 members make or sell healthcare and assistive technology products to help people live more independently. In addition, its member Code of Practice ensures that customers receive high levels of service.

Ruth Ingledew, Managing Director of AKW, commented: “We are very excited about becoming a member of the BHTA, as we have long recognised the invaluable work that the organisation does in influencing healthcare policies in the UK.

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“By utilising our 29 years of expertise in the industry and adding our voice to other BHTA member companies, we hope to contribute to as many BHTA campaigns as possible.

“Under new ownership and management since March this year, we are focusing on our core expertise of designing inclusive and care bathroom products, which include features approved by Occupational Therapists and other healthcare professionals.”

AKW will also be launching a new range of products later on in the year, added Ruth.

“All our products are designed to not only increase the safety and independence of those with reduced mobility or sensory impairments, but also for ease of installation,” she continued.

AKW is a provider of showering, daily living and kitchen solutions for people with limited mobility.

It works closely with occupational therapists and healthcare professionals to design its products, with clients including local authorities, housing associations and national and regional contractors.

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