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Active Hands Hook Aid imageSpecialising in products for people with limited dexterity, Active Hands has designed a new gripping product to improve its customers’ workouts.

Called ‘Hook Aids,’ the company’s new product is designed to enable a user to independently grab and release a closed ended bar to perform exercises, such as chin ups, as well as allowing use of some previously inaccessible types of gym machines, including lateral pull down machines, seated rowing and hand crank machines. The hooking aids will also work to grip the handlebars on various types of hand bikes.

The design incorporates a strong, stainless-steel double, which gives stability when under tension and mimics a “real grip” feel when in use, with a clever adjustable wrist strap.

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Active Hands had to invent and manufacture a unique new hook design specifically for this product.

The metal hooks have a thin v-shaped section as part of their design with an elastic loop attached. This innovative elastic loop is placed around a finger and prevents the hook from flopping down under its own weight when grabbing a bar overhead or for when the users’ arms are forward.

According to the company, this makes the Hook Aids more versatile than existing hook devices, which only perform well when lifting upwards from the ground.

The Hook Aids are adjustable and can be personalised to suit the user. The position of the hook is adjustable to suit hand size, positioning of item gripped and personal preference.  The product comes with four silicon tubes, for optional use, to increase grip on an object. However, it can be used without these.

Active Hands Hook Aid image

Rob Smith, Director of Active Hands, commented: “As a regular user of the products we manufacture at Active Hands, I am always on the look out for the times there is an item I struggle to use or cannot access due to my limited hand function.

“When doing workouts, I have always struggled to grip closed ended bars with both hands without needing assistance. The hook aids have a uniquely designed hook with elastic retainer system allowing the user to reach and grab overhead with both hands and also release fully independently. They have really expanded my gym workout options which has given me a great boost mentally as well as physically.”

Retailing for £59.95, Hook Aids are available in both standard and large sizes.

For more information on the gripping aids, Active Hands is encouraging people to visit its website or email

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