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After hearing that Laila Stanhope could not get up the stairs and had to sleep in the lounge, Acorn Stairlifts donated a stairlift and sourced a free electric wheelchair from Janshop Mobility for her.

Acorn’s gift means that Laila can now get to her own bedroom again.

After suffering two blood clots in her brain and a heart attack, Laila was told by hospital doctors that she did not have much time left. She was put into a coma and kept alive through a life support machine and her family was told to prepare for the worst.

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Despite this, Laila began breathing by herself and moving her legs, which resulted in her being able to go back home.

Her mum, Charley, said the donation has changed Laila’s, and her family’s, home life.

She told the Keighley News: “We had been put on a waiting list for a free stairlift as we just didn’t have the funds to buy one but it wouldn’t have become available until 2019.

“We knew Laila would be in and out of hospital with no means of movement and the future looked bleak for us all, and then Acorn Stairlifts got in touch.

“I’m so grateful to the team at Acorn for the ‘gift’ of a stairlift and for arranging the free wheelchair – they are both making the world of difference to the whole family now Laila is home.”

Nick Wilson, Operations Director at Acorn Stairlifts, said the firm was keen to help as soon as it heard about Laila’s situation.

“We knew we had the expertise to be able to help,” he commented.

“We just wanted to do our bit to give Laila and her family some relief at home and we know from experience that getting back upstairs and into your own bedroom is life changing for everyone.

“We hope the stairlift makes life that bit easier and that Laila’s recovery goes from strength to strength.”

Founded in 1992, Acorn is a manufacturer and installer of stairlifts.

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