The New Rascal Vision

The Rascal Vision is now available with a fully variable Gas Strut Tiller for ease of tiller angle setting. The smooth action of the lever is easy to set the re-positioning. This enables the customer to find the perfect ‘Tiller angle’ for them.
‘Test Drive’ this reliable performance scooter for greatly improved steering position and overall comfort.
The Rascal Vision has 2 x 80Ah batteries as standard and there is now the opportunity to upgrade and have the option of 2 x 100Ah batteries.
Other features:
  • A range of up to 27.96 miles
  • A speed of 8 mph
  • A USB power outlet to enable the charging of electronic devices from the scooter
  • Emergency braking system
  • Advanced LCD panel and twin mirrors
  • Colours Black and Silver
To find out more information about the Rascal Vision, call 0800 252 614, email or visit the website HERE