Loughborough-based Bromakin has just sold the first Ottobock Juvo mid-wheel drive powerchair in the UK to customer Karen Danks.

Having used Ottobock chairs for many years, Karen extended the Motability contract on her previous powerchair to wait for the Juvo mid-wheel drive to be released.

When it was released, she decided on a B6 model of the Juvo, in a vibrant green colour, through Bromakin.

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The Juvo B6 mid-wheel drive fits perfectly into Karen’s lifestyle, with its tight turning circle helping her navigate the narrow corridors and doorways in her home, and the unique torsion drive system giving her added confidence while out at the shops or going to garden and flower shows with her friends.

“I love the colour so much,” said Karen. “I’ve always loved bright and loud colours so this is perfect. This is the first time I’ve owned a mid-wheel drive chair and it’s already perfect, even though it feels different from previous chairs I’ve owned. I can’t wait to show my friends and family.”

There are also additional smaller features which suit Karen’s needs: the footrests can be moved and adjusted using one hand, and the seat can be tilted to an angle which suits her while she’s out, then tilted back to help her get out and transfer to her manual wheelchair, sofa or bed.

Bromakin’s Steve Asher said: “Karen’s been a customer of ours for many years and she knows what she wants. When she knew about the Juvo mid-wheel drive, and the colours she could have, she held out for it and I think it was definitely worth the wait.

“This chair will be ideal for her lifestyle and we hope she enjoys getting out and about with it.”

Rob Redgewell, Ottobock UK’s retail business development manager, concluded: “Our first Juvo mid-wheel drive could not have gone to a better customer than Karen. She’s been so loyal to us over the years and we’re so pleased that she’s so happy with her new chair.”

Established in the UK in 1976, Ottobock is a supplier of innovative and practical solutions that restore human mobility and help people to rediscover personal independence.

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