The Sage 10 - the next step in FES technology from Cyclone Mobility

Sage FES
Cyclone Mobility is pleased to announce the UK launch of the latest Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) technology from Restorative Therapies, which will allow users to stimulate up to 16 muscle groups simultaneously – more than ever before.

This is achieved through the use of Restorative Therapies’ newly developed system controller, SAGE 10, along with a new six-channel stimulator controller, the RT60 and the enhanced RT50-Z, which is smaller, lighter, boasts a longer battery life and a stronger attachment to the electrode for improved stimulation capacity.

The new SAGE 10 controller can now connect to two RT60s, meaning FES systems the RT200 and RT300 can provide either six or twelve wired stimulation channels as standard, and an additional four channels can be achieved through an RT50-Z.

With access to 16 channels, an even wider range of muscles can now be stimulated at the same time, including the tibialis anterior, gastrocnemius, quads, abdominals, hamstrings, gluteals and erector spinae, meaning that FES technology can potentially help users to achieve simulated walking patterns and help people with illnesses or injuries such as MS, Stroke or an incomplete spinal injury to walk with assistance.

The SAGE 10 controller, which uses tablet-based technology, can also be unclipped from the ergometer on an FES cycle, meaning it becomes a stand-alone, multi-channel FES stimulator, enabling functional activities and exercises such as sit to stands, lower and upper extremity weight bearing, bridging, forward reaching, antagonist muscle strengthening and postural work, all independently of the FES system.

The new controller allows direct access to the internet, where each user’s session is recorded. Through a Logmein feature, it also allows professionals to remotely access a customer’s settings during a training session, enabling the parameters to be adjusted in real time, and with the addition of a Skype camera, visuals can be included.

Our founder, Stuart Dunne, said: "These new developments in FES technology are extremely positive, and being able to stimulate key muscle groups independently of an ergometer, for everyday activities and exercises such as sit to stands and reaching and moving, will make a world of difference for users and professionals alike. This is a major advancement in FES technology, and marks a step towards a very exciting future where electrical stimulation therapy is completely wireless.”

To find out more about the Sage controller call 0800 180 48 50 or visit the website HERE