The Quickie Jive R2 from Sunrise Medical

Quickie Jive R2
Quickie Jive R2 - High-end performance with outstanding adaptability

The Quickie Jive R2 incorporates impressive outdoor and indoor performance. Its compact durable base provides great stability and control, whilst powerful motors and independent suspension enable the Jive R2 to achieve speeds of up to 13kph without compromising on manoeuvrability.

The Jive R2’s seating system is sleek, beautifully designed, highly adjustable and colour-coded to match the chair, it also enables easy adjustment of the armrest and seat.

The Quickie Jive R2 is crash-tested in accordance with ISO 7176-19 and approved for transportation in a vehicle. It’s also compatible with the Dahl docking station to make transportation even easier.

The chair can be personalised by assigning commonly used commands and setting to a single button with an R-Net controller. Alternatively, Bluetooth can be added enabling the user to control a smartphone or tablet; or the environment can be controlled with an Omni controller. Special controls can also be fitted if a joystick is not suitable.

Other great features of the Quickie Jive R2 are the low seat to floor height, starting at just 43cm; the integrated lights to combine safety and style and the fact that the Jive R2 can be retro-fitted with a kerb climber to enable it to climb kerbs of up to 10cm. The Quickie Jive R2 is available from approved Quickie dealerships and also through the Motability scheme.

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