The new Vision Stairlift visualisation application from Handicare

Handicare Vision
Handicare’s Vision app offers a unique opportunity for your customers to see how a stairlift will look in their home.

For those of us who work with stairlifts everyday it can be easy to forget what a big step it is for many customers to have a stairlift installed in their home. In many situations not knowing about stairlifts or misconceptions of the impact of having one installed can result in customer resistance to progressing an enquiry and finding a solution that helps make their everyday life easier.

With this in mind Handicare has developed Vision, an augmented reality application that has been designed to provide customers with a good 3D indication of how a stairlift from Handicare would look in their own home.

This technology can be used in conjunction with compatible tablets, which we recommend for optimised viewing, or smart phones, by simply downloading the free of charge Vision app from the Apple or Android app stores. Once you have the app you can use it in association with our A3 markers to easily show your customers how a stairlift will look in their own home. You can even show them a selection of seats to help them decide which system they would like to use and let them walk around the 3D rendition to see the unit from all sides.

This system shows the product positioned in the customers actual premises so it really will help them to understand the impact of the installation in their hallway and answer many of the questions that a 2D picture in a brochure or on a website cannot address, thereby removing uncertainty for the customer. You can even capture the image from your tablet for them and print it to accompany a quote!

How to download the app

You will need to download the app on to each device that you wish to use. This is quick to do, and there is no limit to the number of times you can download the free of charge app from either App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

Simply search for Handicare Vision in the appropriate store and download it free of charge. Once it is loaded on your devise you can go ahead and use it with one of our specially designed A3 markers.

Things you need to know

You can use an A4 marker but the picture that you see will be small in relation to its surroundings. To give your customer a good indication of the seat size relative to its surrounding you do need to use an A3 marker.

Whilst this can be used on a smart phone, a tablet device will enable viewing on a larger screen and will therefore improve the viewing experience for your customer.

To request more marker packs simply contact your Handicare Business Development Manager, call your Dealer Support Team on 0844 225 3121 or visit the website to download the PDF for print. PDF formats are available for use with A3 or A4 format printers.

The website is HERE