The new TDX powerchair from Invacare

Invacare TDX
A commanding drive performance with NEW TDX

Invacare’s outstanding centre wheel drive TDX SPNB power chair has a host of exciting new upgrades offering a superior drive experience for its customers. Now available with the fully adaptable Modulite seating, this modular based system offers full flexibility in a wide range of seat sizes, and with a telescopic seat frame it allows for stepless adjustments to ensure an optimum fit.

In the same way the Modulite seating system offers a lower seat to ground height on the Spectra XTR2, this same benefit now applies to the TDX SPNB. Simple adjustments, even with an individual in the chair, make assessments straight forward with one chair that can be adapted for all.

In parallel with the Modulite seating system upgrade, the TDX SPNB now offers the option for ACS2 controls as standard. This chair can be fitted with more specialist controls and features such as the Proximity head control or iPortal meeting a wider range of client requirements.

The ACS2 control system opens up possibilities such as a seat riser with seat tilt, electrically elevating central legrests and the option of G-Trac, which is already known for its superb stability and drive performance, offering even more driving control. An additional speed of 10km/h has been included for maximum outdoor performance, and combined with Sure Step and G-Trac, the TDX SPNB offers a positive and comfortable drive experience over any terrain.

The TBX SPNB is the latest chair from Invacare to offer the Modulite system, joining the Spectra XTR2, Spectra XTR2 HD, Storm 4 and the Kite.

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