The Multi-function food preparation board from Peta UK

Peta preperation board
If we told you that this board had been under development for over 10 years, we’re not sure you’d believe us, but it’s true! We are now proud to present our very attractive multi-function food preparation board. Designed to assist those with weak hand function, or semi-loss of use of one hand, this offers a solution to peeling, slicing and grating. This high quality food preparation board offers increased independence at home and would not look out of place in any kitchen showroom!

• Manufactured from sustainable Rubberwood mounted on non-slip feet
• Four spikes on reverse of lid to keep fruit and vegetables in place for peeling or cutting
• Stainless steel bowl with coarse grater
• Stainless steel bowl with fine grater and slicer / peeler
• Stainless steel collecting bowl

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