The Melrose health chair from Repose Furniture

Melrose chair Repose
One of the most versatile health chairs in the Health Sector.

Launched this year, The Melrose is being used in hospitals, care homes and hospices.

It has been specifically engineered to meet the needs of semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users, addressing pressure management issues and providing adaptable support for neurological and postural conditions.

The Melrose provides carers with a number of options to enable regular repositioning of users to redistribute pressure and support pressure care management:

• An in-built tilt in space movement is operated from the push handle allowing the chair to be gently reclined in a range of positions maintaining a constant back angle.

• The backrest and leg rest can be separately adjusted providing a further range of back and leg angle combinations to support improved posture and pressure management. Couple this to the angle and height adjustable footplates and this makes the Melrose Repose's most versatile pressure management porter chair.

As with our other healthcare chairs the Melrose can be fitted quickly to each individual user and there are a range of specialist back cushions and pressure management seat cushions to choose from to meet specific support challenges.

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