The Lifestyle lift from Terry Lifts

Terry Lifestyle lift
The revolutionary new Lifestyle Lift from Terry Lifts has been designed especially for the home to make life that little bit easier.

Maintaining independence in the home is vital. All too often, people who experience mobility problems are forced to consider moving to a bungalow or care residence because living independently in their own home has become too difficult. However, there is another way.

For those who find that the stairs are becoming too much of a struggle, a home lift may provide a simple and relatively inexpensive alternative to costly adaptations, or even unwanted relocation to another property.

Once an unthinkably expensive statement of wealth reserved for the rich and famous, home lifts are now recognised by home owners, social care professionals and house builders as an affordable and practical way of future-proofing homes so residents can stay put well into retirement and live in independence.

Terry Lifts have recently launched the new space-saving Lifestyle home lift that will add a touch of luxury to the home without breaking the bank. The Terry Lifestyle Lift combines all that you would expect in quality and comfort at home with the latest technological advances to help enable independent living.

The Lifestyle home lift will make life easier and help those suffering with arthritis or other mobility problems to maintain the freedom of their own home.

While many opt to have a home lift installed for an immediate need, it’s becoming increasingly common to plan for the future by ‘investing now for later’. More and more people are thinking about the years ahead and deciding to future-proof their homes by incorporating a home lift.

The Lifestyle Lift has a stylish slim profile, taking up minimal living space and can be sent away from the room when not in use, so the homeowner benefits from the full space of their rooms. Its self-supporting structure means that a fully enclosed lift shaft is not required and the lift can be installed into almost any home easily and without the need for major building work.
The Lifestyle home lift can be custom made to suit existing décor so it blends with the look and feel of the individual’s home. A range of colours and finishes is available for the interior and exterior of the cabin, as well as various types of flooring including carpet and laminate effect. Wireless landing controls come with the lift as standard on both the upper and lower levels, so that the lift can be called to the floor needed. The Lifestyle cabin is fitted with a clear toughened laminated glass panel door and there is an option to include a fold up seat and a wireless handheld remote control.

The Lifestyle home lift incorporates all the latest safety features as standard, for complete peace of mind.

• 30 minute fire protection between floors whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs, ensuring your safety in the unfortunate event of a fire.
• Battery back-up allows you to return to the ground floor in safety in the event of a power failure.
• Pressure sensitive safety edges will stop the lift from travelling if an obstruction is detected.
• Safety locking system ensures that the lift cannot be operated until the cabin door is properly closed and the door cannot be opened whilst the lift is travelling.
• Complies with BS 5900:2012 where applicable

You can see a model of the Lifestyle home lift on Terry Lifts’ permanent stand TV115 at the National Self-Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon.

For more information and to request a Lifestyle brochure call Terry Lifts on 0800 247 1229

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