The Fox powerchair from Invacare

Invacare Fox powerchair
Invacare has launched the new Invacare Fox powerchair, designed to offer customers the most in flexibility and set up to support easy assessments with efficient servicing and handling. For the client it offers an easy to operate everyday rear wheel drive powerchair that adapts well to inside and outside driving.

The Invacare Fox design has full adaptability at its core through its wheelbase concept and adjustable seating. With different settings available in the wheelbase, stability is ensured for a wide range of heights and weights of persons, and their comfort is not compromised with a 5-way adjustable seat. The Fox seat can be adjusted for width, depth, height, seat to floor height and backrest angle, ensuring the optimum fit for the client, and can be altered to accommodate changes.

Manoeuvrability and stability are key to the Fox’s driving performance with a stable frame this new powerchair also offers excellent traction with a kerb climber of up to 100mm. The individual can benefit from efficient motors with a great driving range and Fox is easy to operate with the latest Shark Controller.

Servicing is made simple, with easy to access batteries and many cross compatible components, the Fox can also be quickly dismantled for transport and storage. With a robust design and attention to ensuring the maximum efficiency in all aspects, the Fox is the first choice for a great all round basic powerchair that can suit a wide range of clients.

For more information call 01656 776222 or go HERE