The ERGO Chair from Platinum Stairlifts

Platinum Stairlifts Ergo
The ERGO Chair - one seat, hundreds of configurations.

Standard on both Curved and Horizon straight stairlifts, the revolutionary ERGO chair is exclusive to Platinum.

If there is one thing that all stairlift users have in common, it is that they are all different – different heights, shapes, sizes and personalities. That is why Platinum have designed a stairlift chair to suit everybody, by being fully adjustable - introducing the ERGO.

• Adjustable seat-back can be moved forward and back.
• Seat and seat pad can move up, down, backwards and forwards.
• The seat pad is available in both Ergo Standard and Ergo Plus shapes – the Ergo Plus has a contoured edge, allowing shorter-legged users to tuck their legs further in and touch the footrest (model shown is Ergo Plus).
• Arm rests can move outwards, up and down.
• The ergonomic joystick can be used in two different ways, as either a button or lever, making op-eration of the stairlift natural and comfortable, even with limited mobility.
• The digital diagnostic display built into the hand-rest allows the user to check the status of the lift in real time and monitor charge, obstructions etc
• A security key, located under the arm-rest, prevents unauthorised use of the lift.
• Integrated seat swivel levers allow the chair to turn at the top of the stairs. A powered swivel is also available, operated from the joystick.
• A lever-linked footrest means the footrest can be opened or closed without the need to bend down. It also allows for easy transfer of wheelchair users. A powered option is also available.
• A retractable reel seat belt provides additional safety whilst the chair is in use.
• Safety edge sensitivity means that the stairlift will come to an immediate stop in the event of any obstructions on the stairs during travel.
• The ERGO chair is available in a choice of upholstery and colours – ask your dealer for current styles.

The ERGO chair comes as standard on both the Platinum Curve and Platinum Horizon range.

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