The A-150F Folding Aluminium Hoist from Prism

Prism hoistFor those in need of a light mobile hoist that folds away easily for storage or transportation the Prism A-150F Folding Aluminium Hoist provides the ideal solution.

It operates like any other mobile hoist, but has the additional feature of being able to fold easily. The lightweight design makes it a convenient tool for a visiting home carer or for the family that is on the go or short of space.

When needed the hoist can be quickly and easily set up ready for use. The Prism A-150F is ideal for all hoisting situations as well as lifting someone who has fallen to the floor.

Product Features

* Safe working load 150 kg
* Retractable retention cord to hold legs in place when folded
* The mast and base are easily assembled without the use of additional tools
* Locking handle secures the mast and base for a solid connection
* 79mm front casters and 127mm rear casters (locking) allow for the best clearance and manoeuvring control
* 360° turn capability of the carry bar provides the carer with greater control during the lift and aids positioning without interference with the mast or boom
* On board charging
* Control box with diagnostic capability and tracking of hoist usage
* Emergency stop and emergency lowering functions fitted as standard
* Carry Bar with padded cover for client protection and quick release attachment has spring loaded clips to secure sling loops

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