Rise and fall wall cupboards from AKW

AKW Cupboards
Independent living solutions provider AKW has added a further innovation to its range of accessible kitchens. The new ActivMotion rise and fall wall cupboards introduce accessible storage at the mere touch of a button and can be incorporated into any of the company’s complete kitchen ranges or will fit discretely into existing kitchens (where façade colours match).

Available in standard sizes, units are supplied as complete cupboards with an integral rise and fall shelf unit, which is activated at the touch of a button mounted in the most suitable position for the user. The shelves are enclosed to prevent items tipping out when they are in motion, in a controlled but responsive way. Built-in collision detection prevents the units from damaging items stored on the work surface below.

The unit is designed to allow wheelchair users to make full use of the storage space, without compromising access for ambulant users, as Stuart Reynolds of AKW explains: "One of the guiding principles of our accessible kitchen ranges is that they should be suitable for inclusive living and multi-user environments. Wall cupboards are standard elements in any kitchen design, but for many people, not only wheelchair users, they can put useful storage space out of reach. By incorporating rise and fall technology into wall-mounted cupboards, you can maximise storage space and ensure that it is fully accessible to any user.”

AKW’s accessible options also include its versatile ActivMotion rise and fall worktops, units with recessed and raised plinths and a choice of oven and hob units designed for safety and accessibility. The company offers a range of kitchens, including the stylish AKW Liberty® range and the made-to-measure Independence range, complete with an unrivaled and comprehensive kitchen surveying service.

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