Retractable stairlift rail from Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah retractable rail
Stannah has launched a new retractable stairlift rail for users who have limited space or obstacles at the bottom of their stairs.

Many homes have limited space around their staircases which can restrict a stairlift installation. The 600 Retractable Rail for straight stairs, overcomes this issue by automatically extending down or folding up when not in use.

The rail is designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively in the home. When in motion it warns the user visibly and audibly with a small flashing light and beeping sound and in case of emergency the rail can be lifted manually into place.

Compared to other hinged rail designs the 600 retractable rail is quieter, supports a higher load capacity and is much neater and less intrusive on the stairs. It can also be installed on much longer or shorter staircases increasing the number of situations it can be used in.

Patrick Stannah, joint managing director of Stannah Lift Services, commented: "Many homes understandably have space restrictions at the bottom of their stairs such as a doorway which can mean a fitting a stairlift can cause a tripping hazard. Our new retractable rail overcomes these issues whilst at the same time providing a comfortable journey experience.”

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