Quick and safe answer to sling transfers from Silvalea

Silvalea has introduced what it describes as the answer to quick, safe ‘click on’ and ‘click off’ sling transfers. The innovative and ground breaking D-ANSERCLIP is compatible with all major manufacturer’s Clip (Stud) Fixing Hoists.

Gary Bevan, Operations Director told THIIS: "For years there have been so many different types of Clip (Stud) Fixing Hoists on the market it has created a mammoth logistical nightmare for sling suppliers, community equipment stores, even hospitals and care homes struggled to know what slings to buy. The healthcare industry suppliers were completely confused about which lines to keep on the shelf, as often each hoist manufacture would have a different style clip fixing so they had to stock the same sling in various clip fixing designs resulting in tying up a large outlay of capital and huge problems with storing the stock."

Gary added: "We searched for a solution to this problem and eventually in co-operation with D-ANSERMED the D-ANSERCLIP was developed. Designed solely and exclusively for Silvalea, the research and design team worked closely alongside the D-ANSERMED team during two years of intense research, legalities, testing and fine tuning. The CLIP was cycle tested to ensure durability and is extremely practical with a fluid hygienic design. Not only does it look good but is serviceable and can comfortably be operated with one hand making it very user friendly."

"This will make life so much easier for our suppliers, carers and the healthcare industry" Gary explained

For more information on the new product, go HERE