Product Showcase - Trade Days '17 Highlights

New eFOLDi rolled out

New Mobility Scooter company Suntech UK (eFOLDi), a BHTA member, are seeking trade partners who may be looking for a lightweight, compact and versatile personal mobility vehicle to add to their range of offerings.

Aimed at those who require help walking long distances but do not want the labels that come attached to traditional mobility scooters, the eFOLDi can be neatly folded to a suitcase shape for easy transport and storage, as well as converting into a chair to rest on.

The device features an innovative, patented design that is forged with an aluminium frame and supreme Li-ion battery and only weighs 16kg for ease of use when transporting.

Suntech UK (eFOLDi) are launching the new eFOLDi Mark 1.5 in October 2017

eFOLDi won the title of British Invention of the Year 2016, Winner of Scottish Edge 2016 and Finalists of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Business VOOM 2016.

Stand TD A5.

Self-propel StrongBack revealed

Delivering an innovation in ergonomics with a contoured backrest for effective lumbar support, the original attendant-controlled StrongBack wheelchair delivered significant success for TGA dealers since launching in 2016 according to the company.

The popular design is now available from TGA as a self-propel version, providing wheelchair users with greater upper body mobility the benefit of improved posture and comfort.

Including all the benefits of the previous StrongBack, the simple to fold, self-propel version has a remarkably high user weight capacity of 135kg for such a lightweight design.

The wheelchair also includes a low lifting weight of 7.9kg (without wheels and leg rests), 24” quick release wheels, anti-tip castors, 40 and 45cm seat widths, attendant brakes and pre-welded pins for easy Powerpack fitting.

The StrongBack is suitable for a wide variety of customer needs without the need for complex bespoke adjustments, reducing time for retailers and increasing availability to high street consumers.

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New cane collection

Walking stick specialists Classic Canes will exhibit their largest collection of walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas yet at this year’s show.

New products will include a range of handbag size folding canes, which fold to five sections instead of the usual four, making them more compact and easy to fit into a lady’s handbag.

A recommended retail price of under £30 and three neutral yet decorative colour-ways should ensure these are a very saleable addition to any retailer’s range of walking sticks.

Other new items from the family-owned firm will include leather seat sticks and collectors’ canes such as lion, boot and skull canes.

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Stylish concealed commode

The ultra-discreet Walton Commode uses a stylish weave design to make the device look like a regular chair, with the seat pad and cushion cover designs helping it blend in with the home.

Height adjustable legs and a strong plastic & aluminium construction make it a secure and stable commode, with the ideal seat height for the user. Featuring the Burton Pan with lock and lift lid for the easiest and cleanest disposal, it can hold up to 9 litres which is Gordon Ellis’ biggest pan yet.

Available with either a brown or white weave, it suits a range of homes and styles.

Stand TDC17.

Black Elephant Feet launched

Building on the success of Elephant Feet, Gordon Ellis & Co. have added new black raisers to their range for a limited time.

The black Elephant Feet help to blend in better with a wider range of furniture, offering a more discreet solution to raising furniture, and will be available until March 2018.

An ideal solution for disabled and elderly people or those who have recently had hip or knee surgery, furniture raisers reduce overbending when sitting or standing by raising a chair or bed.

The perfect raise height should make the user’s knees and hips level when seated, providing more comfort and stability.

Elephant Feet are one of the most popular and trusted furniture raisers on the market according to the company. Easy to fit, they provide a simple solution to raising furniture by offering either a 3.5 inch or 5.5-inch raise.

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Simple Smartphone keeps people connected

Specially designed to help users connect to the wired world, the new, simple to use amplicomms M9500 offers the same benefits of a smartphone with some exceptional features.

Allowing remote accessibility with a unique HELP function, care givers can access the phone to support operation or help in an emergency. The care giver function also allows for remote ‘Call In’ for status check, Find my Phone operation and more.

The device also includes an SOS button for emergencies, providing a Google Maps GPS location of caller and is hearing aid compatible, an amplified ringer (90Db) and amplified calls (40Db) and press & hold operation to avoid accidental touch dialling.

Retail £179.99 SIM-free

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Four new products for Karma

Karma Mobility will be launching four new products at Trade Days, including the VIP2 tilt in space and the E-Flexx.

VIP2 tilt in space

An upgrade of the popular VIP self-propelled manual chair, the VIP2 now features a tilt in space function, deeper seat and more space to fit third party backs and lateral supports. Additional features include adjustable height, flip back armrests, footrest hangers that swing in and out, ergonomic headrest and lumbar support. The wheelchair is also foldable for easy transportation and storage.


A lightweight powerchair ideal for travelling, the E-Flexx builds on the success of the Flexx lightweight manual wheelchair.

Two new manual wheelchairs will also be making their UK debut at Trade Days, with the Karma Mobility team on hand to demonstrate all four products in addition to providing information on the other models from Karma’s portfolio at the show.

"Tradedays is a great opportunity for us to engage with retailers from across the UK and we are looking forward to a busy two days” commented Mark Duffield, General Manager.

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Uplifting new products from Stiltz

HomeLifts specialist Stiltz Lifts are introducing two new home lifts to Trade Days visitors, the Duo+ and Trio+.

Duo+ Homelift

An ideal alternative to a stairlift or hydraulic domestic lift or for homeowners looking to ‘future proof’ their homes, the compact Stiltz Duo+ aims to make life easier for end users to move around their homes.

Taking less than a day to install, with no hydraulics or load bearing walls required, and powered by a quiet, self-contained motor, the Duo+ plugs straight into a standard mains socket and travels quietly between floors in under 30 seconds on self-supporting rails.

With an overall footprint of just 1040mm x 760mm, the versatile homelift can be installed in the corner of a room, in a cupboard or in a stairwell void. Alternatively, it can take pride of place in the centre of a room or entrance hallway.

The unique thru-car option also allows entry and exit from both sides, creating more options when choosing a suitable location for the lift.

Trio+ Homelift

The spacious wheelchair-friendly Trio+ has been designed to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair or comfortably carry up to three passengers.

Designed with a warm grey aluminium frame, the Trio+ has a transparent main body like the smaller Duo+, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the background of any room.

With a gently sloping ramp included as standard, the luxury homelift also offers the added option of an automatic door to make entering and exiting the liftin a wheelchair easier.

The car body has been specifically built with wheelchair users in mind, with wide entry and exit points, but its overall footprint is still unobtrusive at just1040mm x 1378mm.

Having undergone extensive testing, the Trio+ fully complies with BS 5900:2012 powered homelifts along with BS EN 81-41 accreditation and enables trade dealers to offer a practical and stylish product to the consumer market and local authorities.

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Mobility aids ideal for those who travel

Cavendish Health Care & Mobility are showcasing two interesting mobility aids at this year’s show, the SupaScoota Spartan and Eazi Chair.

The SuperScoota Spartan

One of the only folding mobility scooters with a load capacity of 28 stone, the SupaScoota Spartan has been equipped with electronic stability control, slowing the scooter when turning a corner. The anti-tip wheels also provide extra stability and peace of mind.

The Eazi Chair

The Eazi Chair can be folded in under 10 seconds and stored upright or horizontally in a small storage space. With a tight turning radius and lightweight qualities, the portable powerchair is perfect for use in the home and for longer days out.

Both products are also suitable for travel by car, train, aeroplane and cruise ships according to the company.

The company has been helping customers retain their independence through a wide range of mobility solutions for over nine years from their two showrooms in Devon and Hampshire.

The company says that as the sole distributors of these products in the UK, it is an excellent opportunity for attendees to join their network of dealers.

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APEX and Nexus add more cards to visitors’ decks

Following the recent acquisition of NEXUS by APEX Medical, the company will be demonstrating a range of products at the show that combines expertise in Pressure Area Care with a pedigree in Profiling Beds of all sizes and specifications.

The APEX-NEXUS team will be demonstrating cost-effective options such as the ICON Community Care bed and Domus 4 mattress combination, which the company says offers something different from the norm and gives greater opportunities for conversations with care professionals and end-users alike.

Meanwhile, a unique collection of specialist solutions, including the innovative, programmable Rota-Pro chair bed, looks to offer dealers new ways to diversify customer offerings in a market where product differentiation is harder to come by.

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