New technology for stroke and muscular dystrophy sufferers from Ottobock

Ottobock WalkOn
New low-profile ankle splint from Ottobock offers improved walking speed and stability for weak dorsiflexion

Ottobock has launched a new lightweight, low profile ankle support for people struggling to walk due to stroke, MS or brain injury. The Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) is designed to help lift and support slight to severe drop foot. It is comfortable, discreet and works like a spring to improve walking, stability and conserve energy.

The WalkOn Reaction is suitable for a wide range of conditions including; weak dorsiflexion, post-stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular atrophy and peroneal paralysis, slight knee extension impairment and partial foot amputation. It is also suitable for almost any patient weight.

Due to its unique anatomical design and quality carbon fibre prepreg material, the WalkOn Reaction allows users to walk naturally, whether on a level pavement or tackling steep terrain while hiking. In addition to being lightweight and highly durable, the WalkOn Reaction features smooth edges – so there is no risk of chafing, discomfort or pressure points, making it an ideal solution for active users.

"The latest WalkOn Reaction is probably the best carbon fibre Ankle Foot Orthosis I have supplied in the Ledbrook Clinic,” said John Young, Lead Orthotist at the Ledbrook Clinic. "At the Ledbrook Clinic, I give all my patients the opportunity to try the different types of AFO’s which are on the market. I have found that the WalkOn Reaction is the best carbon fibre AFO. To quote one of my patients: ‘I feel as if this AFO is springing my foot up’. Well done Ottobock and the design team for this innovative AFO.”

In addition to supporting dorsiflexion, the new WalkOn Reaction employs ground reaction forces to influence the knee and ankle joint. The energy return supports toe-off and heel strike, thus reducing compensatory movements such as hip hike. At the same time, it prevents uncontrolled foot contact and foot slap during heel strike. The cover and calf-strap adapt to the contours of the wearer and is made of soft, breathable and washable fabric. The specially shaped sole footplate features a trimable, elastic border - making it easy to fit.

The WalkOn Reaction comes with a two year warranty and is designed to last for two million steps and yet lose only 20% of its strength over this period. It is the latest product in the Ottobock WalkOn family, offering a portfolio of orthotic solutions.

The WalkOn Reaction complements Ottobock’s existing products in the WalkOn family including the WalkOn Flex and WalkOn Trimable.

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