New supportive product sets a benchmark

Jenx has launched a new bright, simple and flexible Therapy Bench to help offer children real benefit without the need to undergo formal assessment.

Available from Jiraffe, the newly updated Jenx Therapy Bench launched at Kidz North on Thursday 19th November at EventCity, Manchester.

The new product offers a range of therapy activities and is available in two different sizes with a half and full length option in each size and to suit children of all ages and a max load weight of 85kg. Both sizes are height adjustable with secure locking legs. There are also three interchangeable flat cushions, or the option of a half round cushion, which ensure its versatility in a multiuser environment. The cushions are all upholstered in easy, clean, water repellent vinyl, which contains an antimicrobial agent to help with infection control.

Holly Jenkins, Jenx Sales Operations Manager, said: "We are delighted to launch the new Therapy Bench from Jenx, which offers an ideal platform for a variety of different activities such as sitting and balance therapy, dynamic sitting balance and sitting posture improvement.

"The innovative design enables therapists to sit with a child on the bench to offer extra support if required, while the flat top cushion can be used for balance and stretching. In addition it can work well when children have circle time, as the bench can be used instead of a child having to sit in their chair, which means they can be more involved with activities and are at a much more similar height to peers.”

More about the bench

  • Height Adjustable: simple to adjust in easy to see increments, and the legs then securely lock in place using the tightening bolt.
  • Cushions: Both the flat cushions and half round cushions are made from anti-microbial, easy clean vinyl, that are easy to detach and swap around
  • Easy to move: The design means the Therapy bench can be easily moved around with just one hand
  • Knee block: Simple to use knee block with fully adjustable knee cups which can be used to control legs and create abduction or adduction and control mild windsweeping. Size 1 or Size 2 available
  • Pelvic Support pack: Support accessory pack providing pelvic support for a stable seating position. Incorporating adjustable lateral size 2 support pads with flip away action to enable ease of access. Only for use with the 25mm or 50mm cushions
  • Abduction block: Size 0 abduction block used to provide simple abduction to ensure the right position for the child. Comes with cover. Only for use with the 25mm or 50mm cushions.
For more information, visit the website HERE