New sleep positioning system from Jenx

Jenx Dreama sleep positioning systemA leading manufacturer of postural support products for people with disabilities has launched an innovative new sleep positioning system.

Sheffield-based Jenx Ltd has designed the Side Lying Positioning System as part of its award-winning ‘Dreama’ 24 hour postural support system which provides support for children and adults while they rest.

The new support system features a combination of side lying foam positioning pads and straps to keep the person comfortably in place while they rest or sleep.

The Side Lying Foam comes in four standard lengths and is used to maintain a neutral or abducted position in both side lying and supine sleeping positions. The foam’s flexibility means that it can be used to accommodate several fixed positions such as knee flexion with abduction in a supine sleeping position. The system can also be used without the strapping element if the user doesn’t or can’t lift their legs up and out of the area created by the positioning pads.

The product is the latest accessory to Jenx’s award-winning Dreama sleep system, which combines a unique pressure relieving mattress with a wide range of supports for children and adults with special postural needs.

The Side Lying Foam is made from carefully selected material which is fire retardant, water resistant, anti-bacterial and has a two-way stretch. The covers are made from stretch towelling which is fully washable and highly durable.

Catherine Jenkins, Director at Jenx Ltd, said: "The impact of lack of sleep can be extremely debilitating – for both child and parent/carer. Our new Side Lying Positioning Foam has been developed following feedback from parents/carers, therapists and the users themselves. Safety, comfort and ease of use were the areas most commonly cited in feedback we received and we have designed the Side Lying Positioning Foam with this in mind. It’s also very adaptable to each individual user’s needs and comes in a range of sizes that are suitable for small children through to adults.”

She added: "We hope families and carers can rest safe in the knowledge that their child is receiving the correct support and protection they need while they sleep.”

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