New orthosis to aid cruciate ligament recovery from Ottobock

Ottobock orthosisOttobock has launched a new rigid frame knee orthosis, the Xeleton, as well as announcing a new look for the international award-winning Genu Arexa. Both orthoses offer specialised design to stabilise the knee joint following cruciate ligament injuries and ensure successful treatment outcomes through early mobilisation.

"Wearing knee orthoses in the early postoperative phase allows patients to be mobilised sooner because they perceive greater stability," said Dr. Sven Scheffler, a specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology. "As a result, patients start trusting their joints sooner, which is critical for an early return to work and everyday activities.”

An excellent fit to support early mobilisation

The Xeleton and Genu Arexa frames are made from a robust aluminium alloy for a firm and slip-free fit affording the user secure stability during everyday activities. The orthoses feature anatomically shaped tibia pads to prevent pressure marks on the shin when under stress as well as preventing undesired rotation of the device. The Xeleton is available in both standard and long versions; the Genu Arexa is equipped with auto-adaptive plastic shells that conform to the contours of the leg for wearer comfort.

Easy, tool-free adjustment

Both orthoses allow for the flexion and extension range of motion limits set by the specialist to be adjusted quickly and without tools, thanks to the innovative Click-2-Go system. The width of the devices can also be adjusted tool-free by adding spacer rings, allowing them to adapt to accommodate knee swelling. Furthermore, both of the orthoses can be easily adjusted to fit individual leg shapes.

"The specialised designs of the new Xeleton and new look Genu Arexa orthoses provide the stabilisation patients recovering from cruciate ligament injuries seek during everyday life and at work,” said Paul Carroll, Ottobock’s Head of Sales for Orthotics. "We are pleased these rigid frame knee orthoses are now available in the UK market to enable early user mobilisation and better clinical outcomes.”

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