New Multigrip Headrest from Jenx

Jenx headrest
Jenx Ltd has built on the popularity and success of its innovative Multigrip Headrest – which was the first of its kind - to develop an even simpler and more cost-effective design.

The Multigrip uses ‘fingers’ to act like hands, allowing the parent or carer to shape and contour the headrest to cradle the head in the right position for each individual user. It has been designed to create the most comfort for a child by supporting and protecting their head.

The headrest features a simplified mounting system which is fully compatible with the Jenx range of Junior and Multiseats positioning systems, as well as being transferable to the Multistander, and comes with a fully removable and washable cover.

Catherine Jenkins, Director at Jenx Ltd, said: "We have had huge success with the Multigrip Headrest, but we wanted to improve it further to make it even easier for parents or carers to use. It is now also compatible with many of our other products, which will be a great aid to the parents and carers using them.

"We have kept the fundamental design the same, with the addition of fully removable and washable covers for practicality. This makes issues such as use between multiple users and decontamination much simpler.”

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